Tom Hanks Hosting Star-Studded Biden Inauguration Telecast

Tom Hanks to host star-studded Biden inauguration telecast

Hollywood star Tom Hanks, who endorsed Joe Biden’s bid for presidency, is set to host a star-studded inauguration telecast titled “Celebrating America” that most major networks will broadcast on January 20.

Major anti-Trump pop stars are lined up to perform on the TV special, which will air on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC. They include Trump-hating stars such as Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, and Ant Clemons.

The “Celebrating America” telecast will kick off at 8:30 p.m. ET on January 20 and last for a whole tedious 90 minutes.

Biden is scheduled to be sworn in earlier that day around noon ET.

The details of how prominently Biden will feature in the Hollywood extravaganza remains top secret for now. reports: Tom Hanks backed Joe Biden’s campaign last year, appearing during a virtual fundraiser for the candidate in August. The two-time Oscar winner also supported Michelle Obama’s vote-by-mail push, lending his presence to an Obama-backed online voter registration drive in April that was billed as “non-partisan.”

The primetime telecast will also be seen on Amazon Prime Video as well as AT&T DIRECTV and U-verse, according to reports in multiple outlets.

The Biden-Harris Inauguration Committee announced earlier this week that the theme of the inauguration will be “America United.”

“At a time of unprecedented crisis and deep divisions, America United reflects the beginning of a new national journey that restores the soul of America, brings the country together, and creates a path to a brighter future,” the committee said.

In recent days, however, Biden has made statements and taken action that have only stoked more division.

He compared Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to Nazi propaganda leader Joseph Goebbels and announced that the government will prioritize ethnic minority-owned small businesses in handing out coronavirus relief money.

Biden also pledged that he will work to “defeat the NRA.”


  1. Meanwhile msn are burying the news if the women jailed today or yesterday after being convicted of election fraud .No news about that .Typical

  2. I’m sure the pre-recorded CGI mastery & trickery will be Spielberg-like, as it really hard to get Tom & Rita to get out of their eternal dirt-naps. There is plenty of legacy film footage of comical hi-jinx , so they’ll have to splice something together…. the Bidens & Hanks used to be pretty tight when the ‘chrome’ was flowing , they were just bringing up Biden#2 clone up to task… the joker smile is epic. so many of that crew from years ago are gone now…. I heard the other day that Barry’s first clone is going to face ‘the judge’… like killing him and Mike, twice…

  3. I would have thought this actor who I have admired for so long, and I love all his movies would stand for democracy and freedom. I am so disappointed

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