Thousands Of Dead Creatures Appear On Chile’s Beaches

Thousands of dead creatures found dead on Chile's beaches

An estimated 40,000 tons of salmon, 8,000 tons of sardines, and masses of dead whales have washed up on the beaches across Chile in recent months.

The mass creature deaths are thought to be as a result of the El Niño that arrived at the beginning of 2016, which authorities say have choked the sea life to death. reports:

That is about 12 percent of annual salmon production in Chile, the world’s second-biggest producer of the fish after Norway.

This month, some 8,000 tons of sardines were washed up at the mouth of the Queule River. And thousands of dead clams piled up on the coast of Chiloe Island.

On the shores of Santa Maria Island off the center off Chile’s long coast, cuttlefish have been washed up dead in the thousands.

Scientists largely blame the anomalies on El Niño, a disruptive weather phenomenon that comes with warming sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific.

Chiles has 4,000 kilometers (2,485 miles) of Pacific coastline making it highly vulnerable to El Niño.

  • commonlaw

    How about an illegal “weapon of mass destruction” HAARP- it needs dismantled immediately.

  • Enrico De Leon

    Sobrang init..Too hot.
    Too much industrial inventions ruins earth.
    When man invented machines, electricity, power plants, mobiles, ships,
    vessels, cooking appliances and started mining minerals, cutting the
    trees, mining the oil and gas, and burning all these fossil fuels and
    burning the industrial waste. When they begun cutting the rain forest
    and burn the trees, mother earth is being punished and gradually being
    killed…Mankind forgot to love the nature as it loves the earthlings
    and the living things on earth. Instead exhausted every means to ransack
    and destroy natures wealth in exchange for profit….In exchange for
    useless money and gold…. We all know when we die, we can not bring
    anything from earth, we just fade away in spirit and return to dust..
    Mankind forgot to take care of the place we call EARTH… I hope, it is
    not yet late.. we can use airplanes to spread seeds that can easily
    sprout on the ground, on the bald mountains and grow fast. Hope we can
    use ocean vessels and submarines to clean up the rivers, seas and
    oceans. Hope we can use machines to massively plant trees so it can
    produce more nitrogen to cool the earth… I hope it is still not too

  • Frank Energy

    Stop killing our Krill.
    Scientific evidence, radiation kills Krill. Its the basis of the food chain.