Third California Shooting Eyewitness Says Muslims Didn’t Do It

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Third eyewitness to the San Bernardino shooting comes forward saying the muslim couple did not commit the attack

A third California shooting witness has claimed that the so-called “terror couple” who have been accused of masterminding the ISIS terror attack at a Christmas party were not actually responsible for the attack. 

Sayd Farook and his wife have been accused of committing the San Bernardino shooting, despite the fact that multiple witnesses have claimed that three white men dressed in military gear were responsible. The Farook family attorneys maintain that the suspects are not the people who carried out the attacks. reports:

Just days ago, another eye-witness in the office came forward and said that in spite of what the law enforcement and mainstream media narrative is saying, the people who carried out the attack were very athletic, large, Caucasian men, who were three – not two – in number. Farook’s wife, it should be remembered weighed approximately 90lbs.

Now, a third prominent eye-witness, Chirs Nwadike, has stepped up to challenge the mainstream narrative. He recently told reporters he received a phone call from an unknown person around 7 p.m., on the evening of the shooting, who told him that he must say that Sayd Farook was the shooter.

You read that right, he says that he was called and told to change his story and say that Farook carried out the attacks with his wife, even though that is very different than what he witnessed.
Nwadike told reporters:

“No it’s not him [Sayd]. I told them about it. He’s quiet. He doesn’t make any trouble.”

“He was just spraying bullets everywhere,” Nwadike said. But the gunman was not Sayd, or his wife.

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