The Simpsons Predicted Pizzagate 16 Years Ago

The Simpsons eerily depicts a pizzagate scandal in an early cartoon

The Simpsons appear to have predicted the future yet again, with an unearthed 1991 episode depicting a situation very similar to the “Pizzagate” scandal.

On November 21, 1991, an episode entitled “Flaming Moe’s” aired on Fox, and featured a pizzeria named “Zip Zap” and “Za Pizza Arcade”. reports:

Predictive programming is a term used to describe a method used [mostly] in mass media. A short explanation of this, (and one to help one better understand the context of this article) would be a Television program that is set in a future date or time, and shows an event or a situation that targets human emotion.

Popularized by researcher Alan Watt, predictive programming is somewhat similar to classic forms of subliminal messaging or propaganda. The use of subliminal messaging, predictive programming, and both used in propaganda can be extremely powerful and dangerous.

The most effective use of these methods is of course when it is used in the media. Power-brokers who have direct control of the mass media can use media to desensitize the public and the masses to a growing tyranny. For example, Adolf Hitler (through Joseph Goebbels) and Joseph Stalin (with his ‘Cult of Personality’) both had experts in propaganda and control over the media.

The United States outlawed the use of subliminal messages/propaganda in television, advertising or movies. That is, until the law was repealed in 2013.

So, did The Simpsons know about Pizza Gate and try to tell us about it?

On November 21, 1991 the episode “Flaming Moe’s” first aired on Fox. Although most of the contents of this episode were about Moe’s bar and Homers drink recipe, a brief portion showed a pizza place called “Zip Zap and ‘Za Pizza Arcade.”

The episode is not about anything related to Pizza Gate, although a sign that hangs on the Zip Zap and Za Pizza Arcade says “the Kidnapping was at our other location.”

Lisa Simpson holds up a Marina Abramovic style spirit cooking cookbook
Lisa Simpson holds up a Marina Abramovic-style ‘spirit cooking’ cookbook

Although this is one of those situations where people may be connecting dots that aren’t there, it is at least somewhat interesting that more than 25 years ago The Simpsons were talking about a pizza place that had a kidnapping.

So, do we think the episode “Flaming Moe” was an example of predictive programming and did it predict Pizza Gate? — Not really.

The important part of all of this is to always remain open minded and aware that the US government can and will use propaganda, predictive programming, and subliminal messaging, and Hollywood has and will as well.

What are your thoughts? Do you think The Simpsons were trying to warn us about Pizza Gate?