The Chemical Caliphate Rises: What Next?

Fact checked

ISIL now possesses chemical weapons and it has already used them to extend its medieval caliphate across the Levant

ISIS  is using chemical agents – mustard and chlorine gas – in attacks on police forces in Iraq and Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.

Fars News report: TEHRAN (FNA)- According to news media reports and the US intelligence community, mortar rounds fired recently at Kurdish positions in Makhmur contained mustard gas because the wounds to injured fighters were different from those in a conventional attack.

It’s an escalation of the more than year long conflict that could serve as an excuse for the War Party in Washington to intervene more forcefully in the fight against ISIL by creating no-fly zone over Syria – with a helping hand from Turkey.

This is particularly important. Because until yesterday President Obama was loath to commit American ground troops to fight ISIL. Now the suspicious introduction of chemical weapons to the battlefield may have only reinforced that reluctance inside the White House.

President Obama says he is willing to authorize more airstrikes against ISIL and even establish no-fly zone over Syria. To quote him, “The use of chemical weapons would cross a red line that could force American action.”

This is while direct military action and/or establishing no-fly zones are not a responsible way to fight the foreign-backed terrorist group. It takes more than boots and drones to roll back ISIL. It is one thing to acknowledge how the US and its allies have helped the terrorist group grow. It is quite another to figure out how to kill their creature.

To start with, as long as Washington and its allies are not ready to openly oppose ISIL with no strings attached, and/or demonstrate a clear and consistent moral basis for all of their acts, they cannot engage the true enemies of ISIL to work with them.

To this end, they must stop creating no-fly zones that have no UN mandate. The use of drones to kill non-combatant civilians or Kurdish forces does undercut any moral framework Washington and its allies use against their own creation ISIL.

Furthermore, instead of disintegrating Iraq and Syria, the West must provide anti-ISIL forces with as much support as possible. Allowing the two Arab nations to fall apart will only enforce the narrative that the West wants to “divide and rule” the Muslim world.

Problems started in this part of the world when the US invaded the regional nations, and they will be resolved when Washington gives up its Middle-East plans and goes back home.

The United States should stop insulting the understanding of the world people and stop speaking in one way and acting in a different way. When the US vice-president, among many other officials, has admitted that Washington’s main allies in the region – Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey – are the main backers of the terrorist groups in the region and the same countries are members of the so-called US-led coalition against the ISIL, who would buy the White House statements about war on ISIL.

Washington’s claims about war on terrorism grow even more ridiculous when you see the same US ally is pounding the positions of the only group in Yemen that has pushed back the Al-Qaeda terrorist group. In other words, the US has set fire to the world for more than a decade on the pretext of war on Al-Qaeda, but it is assisting Saudi Arabia with war on Ansarullah that happens to be the only force in Yemen that has been killing the United States’ so-called No. one enemy.

Regrettably, this is the case today. The War Party in Washington continues to suffer from trust deficit and the chronic symptoms of intervention, manipulation and aggression; has no interest in international diplomacy and multi-polarity; outlines an everything-but-the-war strategy for Syria and Iraq; and is hell-bent on changing the Middle East map through proxy forces – whatever it takes.