Terrified Baby Screams for Its Life As Joe Biden Leans In To ‘Sniff and Kiss’

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Baby cries out in terror as Joe Biden leans in for his signature sniff and kiss

Joe Biden couldn’t resist his signature creepy sniff and kiss of a baby during his visit to Golden, Colorado on Tuesday.

Biden has a history of inappropriately touching people, sniffing them and sometimes kissing them against their will. Disturbingly, he seems to favor very young children.

Biden was in Colorado to promote his Communist Green New Deal plan. After rambling about wind turbines for a few minutes, a maskless Joe then began mingling with the crowd.

After greeting people, Biden spotted a young baby with rosy cheeks and immediately rushed over.

The baby began screaming in terror as Joe leaned in, without asking, for his usual grope. The baby was so frightened it tried to push Biden away.