Sweden Closes Its Borders Due To Out Of Control Immigration

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Sweden temporarily imposes border controls to curb the influx of illegal immigrants entering the country

Sweden have introduced temporary border controls to help curb the current influx of immigrants arriving in the country illegally. 

The Swedish Migration Agency have admitted that the migrant crisis is out of control, and that often illegals arriving at the border fail to go through the official immigration process and “just disappear”.

Fox10tv.com reports:

Bengtsson said it is too early to say whether the number of migrants arriving in the Scandinavian country will go down and added it could even increase, if people who would otherwise have traveled to Norway and Finland decide to apply for asylum in Sweden instead.

Sweden announced earlier Wednesday it would introduce temporary border controls from noon local time Thursday until Nov. 21 to stem the large influx of migrants.

Sweden’s interior minister says the move to introduce temporary border controls is a way to “bring order” to the Swedish asylum system while also sending a signal to the European Union.

Anders Ygeman said Wednesday that “Sweden is the country that has taken the greatest responsibility for the refugee crisis” and that “the other countries also have to take their responsibility.”

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the move would allow Sweden to turn people away at the border. But it would hinder people from transiting through the country to reach neighboring Finland and Norway.

Ygeman said migrants arriving at the border would have to decide whether to apply for asylum in Sweden or to turn back around.

Most migrants are coming to Sweden by boat from Germany or across the Oresund bridge from Denmark.