Susan Sarandon: Pope Francis Will Be Assassinated

Fact checked
Actress Susan Sarandon says she is worried that Pope Francis will be assassinated during his visit to the U.S.

Actress Susan Sarandon has said that she is scared that Pope Francis will be assassinated during his visit to New York this Thursday, due to his “progressive views”. 

“I think they’re going to assassinate him … he’s done some major, major cleansing of the whole system”, she said. reports:

The Catholic University alum’s shocking remark about the pontiff isn’t the first time she’s commented on the papacy.

Back in 2011, while being interviewed at the Hamptons International Film Festival, the “Dead Man Walking” Oscar-winner revealed she’d sent Pope St. John Paul II a copy of the book that the film was based on. As for sending one to his successor, Benedict XVI: she said: “Not this Nazi one we have now.” Catholic and Jewish groups criticized the comment.

“I love this Pope,” Sarandon says. “He’s humble . . . he doesn’t live in the palatial whatever. I think he’s a Pope of the people.”

The political activist also told us her thoughts on Donald Trump’s popularity: “I think people are really starved for something authentic and even though he has no idea specifically what he’s talking about. He speaks to the guy who wishes he could say, ‘Everything’s a mess, we’re tired of the machine, we’re tired of politics as usual.’ . … I think it’s great that the Republicans have to figure out how to deal with him, it’s interesting.”

Sarandon revealed she’s a huge supporter of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and hates when people dismiss him as someone unable to secure the nomination.

“Everybody said that about Obama,” she notes. “It’s like, the laziest way to do politics as usual. To just say, ‘Oh, well, he can’t get elected. I think at least he’ll make some very unexpected dialogue in the debates.”