Supreme Court Leaker Named & Shamed – Media Blackout

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Supreme Court leaker named and shamed

The name of the far-left Supreme Court clerk who leaked the draft opinion overturning Roe V. Wade on Tuesday has been leaked online – and the mainstream media is refusing to cover it.

There is currently one prominent name floating around Twitter in connection to the leak. NewsPunch can neither confirm nor deny if this is the person who leaked the ruling: reports: Again, just a theory but an interesting one, especially during an election year.

And if you Google who Jain clerks for you find it’s … SOTOMAYOR.

The plot thickens.


We know the feeling.

Very interesting.

All fair points.

Wolking is correct, this is all still an if BUT … it wouldn’t be the first time Sotomayor’s office appeared to be behind a political leak this year.