Strange Sky Noises Spark Panic In Germany

Fact checked
Mysterious sky noises create fear in Germany

Strange sky noises were reported in the town of Schwabing, Germany last week, causing panic amongst residents who described the sounds as “loud as a helicopter”.

According to one resident, “the noise was so that loud I telephoned my neighbors, we did not know what it was “. reports:

He was searching the Internet for possible clues. And found it. Someone had created a video on You Tube and posted it online. It gave exactly the strange noise and showed a cloud – the cloud is however only seen with a lot of imagination.

The video has 4,372 views  already, including comments like: “War in Schwabing and have heard the same noise this Thursday! What the hell is that ??”

The Munich police are quite amused by the attention the video has been given, but they cannot explain the matter.

On May 12 at 8pm there was no police intervention in the area with helicopters. The helicopter squadron are quite sure that it is not a helicopter at the sound.

There are always mysterious noises. In Steinhöring Ebersberger people are suffering from an ominous hum.