Staff At UK University Told Not To Say ‘Christmas’ As It’s Too ‘Christian-Centric’

Fact checked

The University of Brighton’s “inclusive language guidance” document recommends using the phrase “winter closure period” in place of “Christmas closure period” to avoid being too Christian-centric.”

The nine-page document, which was sent to lecturers at the British university, also recommends not to ask students what their Christian name is, but to instead say ‘what is your first name?’ or ‘what is your given name?’

The Mail Online reports: Generalisations about a group of people based on their age, such as saying ‘millennial snowflakes’ or ‘old people cannot use technology’, should also be avoided, according to the guidance. 

Staff should be ’empowered’ to use ‘inclusive language confidently and effectively, in order to ensure that both students and staff alike feel safe, valued and respected’, the document says. 

The document reads: ‘Language and meaning are powerfully conditioned by the dominant norms of the culture in which they exist. 

‘Prevailing attitudes, misconceptions and stereotypes are embedded within modes of communication, and these factors are sometimes reflected – whether consciously or not – in the language that we use when communicating with and referring to others. 

‘This means that communication – both oral and written – may be offensive even when this is not our intention.’ 

Andrew Allison, of the Freedom Association, said: ‘Universities are supposed to be places where ideas are freely debated. 

‘This is Orwellian and ridiculous. Staff and students ought to ignore it and have a good Christmas.’