Southwest Airlines Told Mother To Glue Face Mask To Her 2 Yr Old Daughter’s Face

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Southwest face mask

A Virginia Beach Mother has blasted a Southwest Airlines flight attendant who she says told her to glue her two-year-old daughter’s mask to her face.

Ali Cleek told FOX news that she was on a flight from Orlando, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia, with her husband and two young children last week, when her two-year-old daughter, Drew started crying and refused to keep her mask on.

Cleek said: “Drew is a thumb sucker and her only way she biologically knows how to soothe herself is by sucking her thumb which is damn near impossible with a mask” reports: Ms Cleek said she and her husband held Drew down, trying to get her to wear her mask while two flight attendants stood over them, watching.

What happened next, Ms Cleek wrote on Instagram after the incident, had her “still shaking”.

Ms Cleek said she was given two options. Cut a hole in the mask, she said she was told sarcastically, or “glue it to her face.” The flight attendant, Ms Cleek said, indicated she had glue available.

The mum of two said she is a “rule follower” and doesn’t want to come across as anti-mask.

“I just know that regardless if it was sarcasm or not I was embarrassed and trying to follow the mandate as much as I could,” Ms Cleek said. “My daughter is two. We were doing everything we could to comply.”

The airline has since apologized for the incident