Italy Broadcasts Footage Of Soros Group Working With Human Traffickers

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Italy broadcasts footage of Soros funded group working with human traffickers

An Italian TV station has broadcast footage showing members of a Soros-funded organization working alongside human traffickers. 

The footage shows members of Soros’ pro-migrant rescue NGO ‘Save the Children’ cooperating with the traffickers.

The television programme, which is hosted on Italian network Canale 5, released the footage which shows what they claim are people smugglers helping a large wooden boat of migrants get to the ship chartered by Save the Children, the Vos Hestia, off the coast of Libya.

The migrants on the boat appear to be clearly Sub-Saharan African, contrasted by the alleged people smugglers who appear to be North African or Arabic. The footage shows one of the men of North African appearance physically beating the individuals on the boat before they are taken to the NGO vessel.

The footage is similar to a case brought against the German NGO Jugend Rettet by the Italian government who are investigating the group for alleged connections to people traffickers. The Italians confiscated their vessel, the Iuventa, in August.

The Italian authorities later released pictures which they claimed was evidence of the NGO workers working with the people smugglers.

The Trapani prosecutor’s office has confirmed it is investigating Marco Amato, commander of the Vos Hestia, for people smuggling, according to Italian newspaper Giornale Di Sicilia.