SNL ‘Jokes’ About Raping Roger Stone’s Dying 75-Year-Old Wife

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SNL 'jokes' about raping Roger Stone's dying elderly wife

Saturday Night Live ran a sickening skit over the weekend “joking” about taking turns raping Roger Stone’s 75-year-old wife who is battling for her life with cancer.

Yes, really.

Saturday Night Live: Trump advisor Roger Stone who draws his glasses on with a Sharpie (joke – haha) refused to cooperate with the committee investigating the January 6th attacks, though Stone said he would be open to sitting in a corner and watching the committee take turns on his wife.

The Trump-hating far-left comedians at SNL think its “funny” to joke about gang-raping the dying wife of a conservative.

WATCH: reports: They want to ruin his name, destroy his finances and then mock his cancer-stricken wife.

Don’t think for a second that you are safe from their evil.

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