Simpsons Writer Reveals How They Predicted Trump Would Win

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Simpsons producers reveal how they knew Donald Trump would win the US presidency

A writer for The Simpsons has explained how he was able to accurately predict that Donald Trump would win the presidential race over 16 years ago. 

In the episode ‘Bart to the Future‘, Donald Trump wins a fictional race to the White House – a storyline that has since become reality.

According to writer Dan Greaney, when he wrote the episode he was attempting to portray an American public that had collectively gone insane, which then resulted in Trump becoming President. reports:

This choice allows Lisa to come in and pick up the pieces as his replacement, the story structure that the episode needed.

The Simpsons episode included some details that were eerily replicated in real life.

The most noticeable of these was the electoral college board featured in the episode detailing Democrat, and Republican states was an almost perfect replica of the results of the Trump vs. Clinton election.

The creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening has previously agreed with this explanation for the choice of Trump as the fictional President stating that they chose, ‘the most absurd placeholder joke name we could think of at the time.’

The jocular nature of the selection of Trump as president in the episode suggests that The Simpsons staff involved in ‘Bart to the Future’ must have been extremely surprised and amused, first to see Trump selected as a candidate and then as President of the United States.