Shopper Captures Ghost At Deserted Shopping Centre

Fact checked

Amateur photographer Tonya Nester believes she has captured a real life ghost mysteriously rising from a track at an abandoned shopping mall in Ohio, US. reports:

A friend sent the odd picture to WEWS NewsChannel5 who posted the spooky snap on Twitter, describing it as a possible apparition and asking: “Is there a ghost floating around Randall Park Mall?”

Tonya’s cousin’s boyfriend told the website: “When my girlfriend’s cousin took the photo nothing was there. But when she went home and viewed the photo, she saw a ghostly figure in the corner.”

But once posted online, a number of sceptics dismissed suggestions it was a paranormal event and speculated the picture had been taken through a car window with a “smudge” on it.

Randall Park was built in 1976 and was the world’d biggest shopping mall, but has been closed since 2009 while it awaits complete demolition to make way for an industrial park.

The picture has emerged just weeks after reported how a Yorkshire family got a severe case of the creeps after seeing a ‘spectral figure’ in the background of a snap they took of two children in front of an 1812 building in Roundhay Park, Leeds.

That spooky incident also came hot off the heels of another when ghost hunter Jamie-Leigh Brown, 21, recorded video of what she believed could be a spectral doctor – while exploring the derelict empty St Thomas’s Hospital, a former Victorian workhouse, in Stockport, which is reportedly haunted.