Sen. Casey: Democrats Must Takeover Our Elections To ‘Preserve Democracy’

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Senator Casey says Democrats must take over U.S. elections to preserve democracy

Sen. Bob Casey says Democrats must take over all future U.S. elections in order to “preserve American democracy.”

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Velshi,” Sen. Casey warned that “we’re at a point of no return.” According to Casey, Democrats are either going to protect “voter rights to preserve the democracy or we’re not.”



“Ali, we’re — we’ve reached a point now with these Supreme Court decisions and with the advent of all of these…voter suppression bills throughout the country, where we’re at a point of no return. We’re either going to preserve our democracy and thereby protecting voting rights or protecting voter rights to preserve the democracy or we’re not. It’s — we’ve come to, I think, a point where Democrats have to stand up and get something done. Now, I think we can do that. Because it’s apparent to me that Republicans are just going to endorse these voter suppression bills. And at its core, we should just be blunt about this, at its core, these voter suppression bills are about white supremacy. And unfortunately, it seems like the Republican Party is becoming a one or two-issue agenda party where they seem to be only interested in stopping Joe Biden’s programs, especially on these caregiving issues and supporting voter suppression bills.”