Second Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Dead After Exposing Parkland Shooting

Deputy Peterson has become the second Broward County Sheriff's Deputy found dead suddenly and unexpectedly in the past month.

Marshall Peterson, a Broward County Deputy Sheriff who dared to question the official narrative surrounding the Parkland shooting, has been found dead under suspicious circumstances. He was 53.

A 28-year veteran of the Broward Sheriff’s office, Deputy Peterson is the second Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy to be found dead in sudden and unexpected circumstances in the month following the Parkland massacre. Deputy Jason Fitzsimon, 42, was found dead on his sofa on April 1.

The Broward Sheriff tweeted this:

According to the obituary notice, Marshall Lawrence Peterson was a “loving son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and friend” who was a popular member of the Sheriff’s office, having served there since 1989. However the obituary does not state why the 53-year-old man, who was apparently in good health, was found dead at his mother’s house.

Deputy Peterson is the second Broward County deputy to be found dead within a month. They were both in the prime of their lives and they died from unspecified, non-job related causes. Unless you count “questioning the official narrative surrounding a highly publicized school shooting” to be a job related cause of death…

On April 1, Jason Fitzsimon was found dead on his sofa. According to police, the 42-year-old had been in excellent health prior to his untimely death.

Deputy Fitzsimons wasn’t just any law enforcement officer. Unlike many of his peers, he took to social media to question the potential agenda behind the February 14 Marjory Stoneman High School mass shooting, suggesting that the event was being used to promote the Democratic Party’s gun control platform in anticipation of the 2018 midterm elections.

And recent personnel decisions involving public officials indicate (e.g. here and here), an unwritten law of taxpayer-funded institutions is that employees disavow and steer clear of “conspiracy theories” that may call their superiors motives into question.

One post found on Fitzsimon’s Facebook page depicts the Parkland massacre’s main spokesperson, David Hogg, in National Socialist regalia, with the caption, “We will March Until We Disarm Every American.”


Fitzsimons’ Facebook page has since been “scrubbed” of any 2018 posts, which would of course include those that may be calling the Parkland shooting or its aftermath into question.


The circumstances surrounding the deaths of both Deputy Fitzsimon and Deputy Peterson of Broward County are sketchy to say the least. The official cause of Fitzsimon’s death has been attributed to cancer, yet this is contradicted by an obituary found at, stating that he “died unexpectedly,” the same cause attributed to Peterson.

The “died unexpectedly” phrase is one morticians and/or loved ones sometimes employ when for one reason or another they are reluctant to disclose the true cause of death, as in the case of a suicide.

Yet as the above obituary makes clear, Fitzsimons does not seem as if he would have been a likely suicide candidate. The law enforcement officer “lived life to the fullest and enjoyed spending time loving on his many friends [sic],”the document reads. Fitzsimons was also the life of the party, according to the obituary’s author(s). “He dreamed to one day be Batman or Kenny Chesney, and you could often find him singing at a local karaoke night or taking selfies while under the disguise of the caped crusader.” Further, the deceased also had a spiritual devotion “in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

If Fitzsimons in fact died of cancer, the onset must have been extremely sudden. Neither the obituary nor accompanying memorials reference any struggle with the disease, but instead point to his inspiring presence while expressing astonishment at the abruptness of his passing.

Aside from numerous friends attesting to his warm disposition in their memorials, Deputy Fitzsimons appeared to be in excellent health, as various photos suggest.

As is suggested in the aftermath of other recent mass shooting events, Fitzsimons and Peterson may have possessed too much information, or were at the wrong place at the wrong time, and/or asking sensitive questions of their colleagues and superiors on the specifics of the Parkland shooting. It is beyond dispute that Sheriff’s Deputy Fitzsimons had become uncomfortably outspoken regarding the February 14 event.

The record reflects that Deputy Fitzsimons and Deputy Peterson were wonderful individuals and friends who cared about “truth” and the US Constitution. Perhaps these concerns are no longer desired by the management of certain policing agencies. There is indeed ample room for suspicion.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


    • YES , He will . God is in control not man. Just stay right with God and we will all be in peace one day. so much evil and for what? I know God will and just know there is a Hell and outer darkness.

      • When someone is murdered it is Gods work? Do you believe Satan has no power, take a closer look at the Democratic party.

  1. The Deep State does not care for human life or anything or anyone else that doesn’t fit their agenda of turning the United States into a communist shithole.
    King James Bible
    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  2. $100,000,000 in grant money to the schools for safety hasn’t been spent. There are democrats that do unlawful or unethical things for money.

  3. This is the typical MO of the Clinton cartel and everyone knows the well documented body count of this gang and if you haven’t pieced together the fact that Hillary is a Capo in the mob making her untouchable by now you deserve all that is coming to you if she and her cronies win this battle! These bastards have been in charge since Kennedy was killed and they have so many favors owed to them for getting people they’ve since appointed to all manner of positions both while Bill was gov. and then later prez, and while getting them all Richie Rich rich and laundering their untold wealth through their known scam orgs. As long as Hillary lives the entire planet is in danger and if you don’t believe that then you must be asleep at the wheel because this is the mob plain and simple and her daddy, her bio daddy was one of two Capos that took over when Capone was thrown in jail for tax evasion! Don’t assume there are any white hats either because the Don is just an opposing gang nothing more nothing less! This is a gang war on the world stage!

  4. Always had a bad vibe from this hogg kid and the sheriff who blames everyone else — little full of himself scumbag & the hubris king. Hopefully this deputy wrote it down or recorded what the truth is — a conspiracy has alot of moving parts and requires too much trust for criminals at risk.

  5. The tin foil hat brigade in full bloom-wow. I’ve seen plenty of fit people die of heart attacks it isn’t uncommon. You mean the official narrative of an individual killed a bunch of students? Where do you people come from ?

    • bart007 Actually it would be ‘aluminum foil hat’ not ‘Tin’. Regardless, it was not said to be a heart attack. It is deliberately vague. Awfully strange how the other officer who died & posted Hitler pics of HOGGWASH had his page scrubbed. That is not suspicious? Who would think to do that? Something IS being hidden. These are not “normal” things. There are no co-incidences! Where do YOU people come from? Hitlery & Sorosville?

      • Actually it is called a “tin foil hat” but I can’t argue semantics with someone who believes “There are no co-incidences”. Where do I come from? I have no political affiliation and say the same thing to the crack-pots on liberal conspiracy sites which are just as plentiful as you lot, spouting that this was a conspiracy to keep these men quiet. Believe it or not shit happens.

        • I am aware that it is called a “tin foil hat” but foil is actually made of aluminum & not tin.That phrase is right up there with the propaganda terms “Conspiracy Theorist” of which really translates to “Lie Detector” but both terms are conveniently used by those who wish to not have to think for themselves & simply take the words of the headlines as 100% fact or to discredit anyone who DARES to look at the facts objectively & has seen enough patterns over the years (like the overused, tired “lone gunman” myth & crisis actors who pretend to cry but no tears come out). It is common that users of these 2 terms also usually live in a fantasy world where our government loves us & would never lie to us, is only interested in our best interests & happiness & would never allow harm to come to us & anyone who shouts out, “The Emperor’s not wearing any clothes!” threatens this fantasy world, so rather than look at the facts & accept the fugly fact that the fantasy world is fake & has been from the start, it is easier to just label others with these terms & return to the fantasy.

          That these 2 healthy men just mysteriously died for no apparent reason who also happened to be on same police force & didn’t go along with the narrative plus info was scrubbed is an indication of an actual CONSPIRACY. Look at those who investigate Clinton, they mysteriously die too. Seth Rich gets “robbed” yet nothing is taken but his life etc. As far as there being “no coincidences” I do not mean in general, but when it comes to situations & stories like this, it definitely applies. In fact the deplorable lying SNOPES article claims there was nothing “suspicious” about the 1st dead officer yet I found his daughter posting on a message board like this stating that it was VERY suspicious. Learn not to believe everything you read/see on TV. Most of it is lies.

  6. DNC CORRUPT CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE & Its HIT SQUAD Not One has been brought to Justice, over 135 related to KILLARY the BLACK WIDOW WITCH

  7. fb is telling people who post this on fb that it is not true because sno pes says its not. Yeh that’s reliable hahaha!

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