Sean Penn Trashes America in Berlin, Says US In ‘Shame’ For Not Giving More Money To Ukraine

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Sean Penn used his appearance at a Berlin film festival to trash America and declare the United States is in “shame” for not providing more weapons and quicker to Ukraine, despite the fact the Biden regime has spent $196 billion and counting, far outstripping the contributions of any other country.

However according to Penn, who has was speaking at the premiere of his documentary about the war and President Volodymyr Zelensky, the US must accept “a level of shame.”

Penn also took the opportunity to demand an immediate escalation in the war from the United States and NATO.

“If you imagine what it is if Russia wins, we are all fucked. Just dead fucked,” Penn said. “We are already as Americans, I can say, we are having to take on board a level of shame for not having scaled up sooner with the weapons.

“I think that it’s very clear that, whatever it is going to take to keep US troops out of there [Ukraine], ultimately we will do. And so why not now?”

Penn interviews Zelensky three times in the course of the documentary, including once on the day of the Russian invasion. Penn makes no effort to disguise his adulation for the Ukrainian president, describing him as a man with “a tangible sense of the human need for freedom”.

Sean Penn has made no secret of his adulation of Zelensky, pictured here giving the president one of his Oscars in November

Penn’s producer also admitted he has fallen in love with Ukraine during his many visits to the corrupt and war-torn nation, declaring that it has something America has lost.

“We fell in love with the country, we fell in love with the people. We also fell in love with this idealism,” said co-producer Aaron Kaufman.

“After the last four or five years of American politics, we had lost touch with something which they were in touch with.”

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