Saudi Princess Blows The Whistle On Chemtrails: “They Are WMDs”

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A Saudi princess blows the whistle on chemtrails and likens them to weapons of mass destruction

Saudi Princess Basmah Bint Saud, daughter of King Saud, has spoken out against chemtrails and geoengineering at a conference recently. 

In her speech she refers to the ongoing geoengineering program as a weapon of mass destruction, saying that the constant bombardment of chemicals alongside the artificial modification of Earths climate systems is slowly killing humanity. reports:

She laments the cloud cover generated overhead. She is uneasy about what kind of world we will leave for our children. She has eyes. She sees. She has a brain. She thinks. About this, how can one remain silent?

Here is the video:

This is not her first time speaking out about difficult issues. The Princess is an activist. She advocates for reform in Saudi Arabia. She travels the world attending social issue conferences. We commend the Princess. The world would be a much better place if more prominent people such as her spoke out about these outrageous crimes against Humanity.

Patrick, our interviewer, also presented at the Istanbul conference. The Princess was in the audience. Here is video of Patrick’s presentation:

Here is a video of all the presenters at the “Atmospheric Manipulation; Opportunities and Threats” Climate Modification Technology Workshop. HRH Princess Basmah attended the workshop and asked several questions: