San Francisco Logs 16,000 Complaints Of Sh*t On Sidewalk In One Week

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San Fransisco logs over 16,000 feces complaints in just one week

Over 16,000 complaints have been logged with the City of San Fransisco regarding piles of sh*t being left on public sidewalks in the last week.

According to government data, the city has received a staggering 16,015 complaints about fecal matter littering the streets. reports: Many of the complaints also connect the fecal matter to vagrants and homeless encampments – a sight all too common now across California.

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Users can geotag the location in question, and also provide photos to support their claim.

“Homeless encampment is blocking sidewalk and creates a health hazard w trash and feces,” writes one user. “Please move them, and send a cleaning crew. Sidewalk is impassable, forcing pedestrians into the street.”

[San Francisco Declared One Of World’s Filthiest Slums]

“Homeless individuals sleeping along Funston between Clement and Geary,” writes another user. 
“Observed homeless people shooting up at 5pm on Monday, July 2nd. Lots of feces and garbage in the area. Please clean up area and see if homeless individuals need services.”

A local Fox affiliate reported earlier this week about a “big bag of poo” filled with approximately 20 pounds of feces discarded on a San Francisco sidewalk.

Residents filed multiple complaints with the city about the debris, and it was eventually removed.

“Strong smell of feces on post on block between cedar and post,” wrote one denizen. “There must be a ton of it somewhere nearby.”

“We don’t know what it’s from and we’re not going to test it,” said a Department of Public Works spokeswoman. “We just got rid of it. This is very unusual.”

In April, the International Union of Operating Engineers filed a complaint with the California Department of Transportation on behalf of Caltrans workers, alleging that their safety was being jeopardized due to a variety of factors, including human waste produced by vagrants living near freeways and associated property.

“Feces and urine and feminine products and all kinds of things on the ground; needles, syringes – you know they use buckets, five-gallon buckets for toilets, and it gets really disgusting,” said Steve Crouch, Director of Public Employees.

On January 1, 2018, California officially declared itself a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens and criminals.


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