Russian Hackers Prove Election Fraud Against Bernie Sanders

Russian hackers vindicate Bernie Sanders confirming there was election fraud organised by the DNC

Leaked DNC emails conclusively prove that Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic party in order to rig the election and ensure Bernie Sanders would not win the nomination.

The leaked emails posted by Guccifer 2.0, reveals that the former Secretary of State plotted all manner of underhanded tricks to win the Democratic party’s nomination and, ultimately, become President of the United States. reports:

“Our goals in the coming months will be to frame the Republican field and the eventual nominee early and to provide a contrast between the GOP field and HRC,” reads an email dated May 26, 2015, referencing the former secretary of state by her initials, posted by “Guccifer 2.0” — after the Romanian hacker who allegedly accessed Clinton’s private email server multiple times.

One of the strategies listed for “positioning and public messaging” states,“Use specific hits to muddy the waters around ethics, transparency and campaign finance attacks on HRC.”

As the mainstream largely directed attention to the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s strategy to oppose Donald Trump, this collusion to steer the narrative in Hillary’s favor appears to have gone unnoticed, as US Uncut reported. But this series of leaked emails show a meticulously plotted coordination between DNC narratives touting Clinton, rather than Sanders, as if she had been the presumptive nominee from the outset — precisely as activists and fair elections advocates had suspected.

Under the heading “Tactics,” the document states, “Working with the DNC and allied groups, we will use several different methods to land these attacks” — including, under the subheading, “Reporter Outreach”:

“Working through the DNC and others, we should use background briefings, prep with reporters for interviews with GOP candidates, off-the-record conversations and oppo pitches to help pitch stories with no fingerprints and utilize reporters to drive a message.” And under “Bracketing Events,” the email states: “Both the DNC and outside groups are looking to do events and press surrounding Republican events to insert our messaging into their press and to force them to answer questions around key issues.”

Most revealing in this particular document is its conclusion, which reads, in part, “Our goal is to use this conversation to answer the questions who do we want to run against and how best to leverage other candidates to maneuver them into the right place.”

Guccifer 2.0 also leaked a two-page list titled “HRC election plans,” which, as US Uncut noted, includes a talking point that later appeared word for word in Clinton’s video announcement of her bid to run for president:

“Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times but the deck is still stacked for those at the top.”

Not only does this show a carefully-orchestrated spoonfeeding of vapid Clinton-isms to the ostensibly unsuspecting public, the irony of the former First Lady pontificating on ‘stacked decks’ for the elite bears a startling degree of hypocrisy in this context.

Prior to the release of these hacked documents, an analysis of election coverage by Neal Gabler, published in Truthout, evidenced startling favoritism for Clinton by the mainstream media throughout the 2016 election season thus far. While not entirely overt, the media’s fondness for Hillary often comprised propagandic semantic gymnastics to avoid showing Sanders in a rosy light.

Even as Sanders experienced growing success, the media downplayed its extent through comparisons with Trump — characterizing the two as ‘outsider’ candidates — thus creating a psychological parallel between the Vermont senator’s popularity and the demagoguery of the contentious billionaire.

Eventually, as Sanders continued to experience success despite a veritable media blackout, a few mainstream outlets resorted to outright hostility to achieve a pro-Clinton message. As Anti-Media previously reported,Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald published a scathing hit piece on not only Sanders, but his supporters, titled “Get Control, Senator Sanders, or Get Out.”

“So, Senator Sanders,” Eichenwald patronizingly penned, “either get control of what is becoming your increasingly unhinged cult, or get out of the race.”

To say the corporate, mainstream media has been complicit in a coordinated effort to grant Hillary the nomination would be an egregious understatement of reality. Though irate voters and journalists with actual integrity across the country immediately called out the Associated Press’ premature announcement Clinton had won the nomination as farce, it’s clear — particularly with these leaked emails — that had been the end game from the outset.

US Uncut reported neither the DNC nor the Clinton campaign returned request for comment.

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ even rebuffed claims Sanders had not received fair treatment in the press during an April interview with the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah:

“You know, as powerful as that makes me feel, I’m not doing a very good job of rigging the outcome, or … blocking anyone from being able to get their message out.”

Evidence, however, would beg to differ.

  • Faisal

    I read Associated Press stories every single day, both nationally and internationally, because it is on my server. The AP are the most seditious, lying dung-heap of globalist “progressive” propaganda you couldn’t even dream up. They would do ANYTHING short of murder to get Hillary elected. They planned that little piece of work right before California, and the rest of the seditious media heralded in the “breaking news” that announced her glorious “victory”. As for Trump, as a last resort, they probably have a hit out for him. May more and more disgusted voters wake the hell up

    • N “Knows” Davis

      We all saw the DNC flagrantly support only H, but at the same time the media ignored Sanders and lauded H……they clobbered Trump with lies, innuendo, twisted words and deceit. America, oh America….what have the left done to you?

      • Brandon C.

        Don’t be fooled. This isn’t the “left’s” doings, it’s the neo-liberals. Just like neo-cons, they pervert the framework of the wing making it radicalized and ultimately merging on a common outcome (corporate global takeover). We got conservatives hating on liberals and vice-versa when they have more in common with each other than either does with their neo-counterpart.

        • MH

          You’re making the distinction between the American people left and the DNC (Democract politicans) left.

          I think for the most part it’s true, but there are some Democrats (American people) that are center, or center-right and don’t mind policies that benefit corporate America, and things like the TTP, and war/occupation.

          The DNC does not reflect the progressive values that shaped the Democratic party before Bill Clinton turned it into a centrist organization and called it the “New Democrats”. Obama very much continued Bill’s legacy of reaching across the isle politics, doing the bidding of corporate America, in which some very important progressive policies were compromised and straight up abandoned.

          Along comes a true progressive (Sanders) and reminds the American people what the Democratic party used to stand for, and helps lead a movement to bring the DNC back to it’s progressive roots. Obviously, the DNC has clearly rejected this and seemingly many American Democrats agree with neo-liberal values as they have thrown their support behind Bill Clinton 2.0.

          Any other developed country would label Sanders as a mainstream canidate, and Hillary as right-wing. But here, Bernie is a leftist, (negative connotation) and Hillary is just a Democract.

          Sad times for the American population.

          • Angel Tibbs

            Wrong, she stole our votes and didn’t steal enough to clinch the nom. Most of us really didn’t vote for her. I refer you to #ExitGatePoll and don’t forget keep hammering her on her Goldman Sachs transcripts. Bernie or bust.

      • MH

        Let’s not forget the details that it’s not just Sanders not listed in the memo. Its also the other Democratic canidates running at that time too, which further vindicates this nomination is an ordaining for HRC rather than an actual election. Sanders is not the only campaign that should be angry about this.

        What this translates to is in the 2016 Democratic nomination the electoral process was actually stolen from the American people. Let that sink in a little and realize this means our civil liberties being subverted going forward.

        Every Hillary supporter should not only be embarrased, they should put the liberties of the American people ahead of any one canidate and reject them immediately.

        Look, I voted for Obama twice. I thought he was a good president. But as soon as I learned more about him and his willingness to hide certain truths, and support HRC despite her criminality, my opinion of him has dropped drastically. In Obama’s own memior, he admits to his eventual corruption. He shrugs, and calls it “the game”. It looks like Obama got his “change” after all.

        Well, I’m not shrugging away my right to elect a leader that reflects the American poeple and not Wallstreet, and I suggest you don’t either.

      • Angel Tibbs

        We don’t have a Left left. That is why we’re Bernie or bust, and that’s why we aren’t going anywhere.

    • Ttoe2

      You sure they wouldn’t murder? Have you not seen the newest generation of liberals in campuses across the nation? These are the Common-Core indoctrinated generation, and they’re pretty violent about forcing people to accept the left wing opinion. I wouldn’t put it past many of them to be willing to commit murder.

  • Concerned citizen

    DNC is more like a monarchy.

  • Duane Stephens

    It’s tough to tell who’s lying and who’s being truthful… Sooo why don’t we all become rich thru fraudulent methods…that way the only lies that will matter are those that don’t benefit us..

    • MH

      Its not tough at all. Its embarrasingly obvious, that is if you pay half attention. Even then, people still choose to stay on a self-destructive course. Complete tunnel vision.

    • Angel Tibbs

      She’s lying. Period.

  • zega

    There is MORE, Google rigs primaries in favor of Hillary!
    This is clear, i saw this early on and checked google search autocomplete suggestions and they were spot on, they changed that later and throw out some lame excuses (algorithm bla bla…of course, you tamper the algorithm and it does exactly what you want it to do)…

    • CBunny

      Yes! Google has and IS manipulating search returns to reflect favorably on her!! This was confirmed by simple search on delegate counts. Two months ago a search would bring up the current count immediately. Today a search was made, knowing Bernies count it increasing while hers is shrinking, and we couldnt find an actual count at all on google!! Yahoo also failed to bring it up. BUT BING was a winner!!

      Stop using Google and Bing it!!

  • Bill’s Humidor

    Right out of the Rules for Radicals Alinsky tactics. Dems should be very proud!

    • Angel Tibbs

      We are not. That’s why she’ll never get our votes. Bernie or Bust.

  • randolphgarrison1

    That is not a surprise, we all knew that from the start. Now we know the corrupt politicians protect themselves and each other, that is why Hillary is not afraid she will go to prison. She could probably shoot someone on national tv and not be charged by our corrupt government. Maybe we could get Putin to come in and take over to improve things.

    • Angel Tibbs

      Putin has her e mails, and he’s not afraid to use them.

  • FLVetGal

    I don’t deny the overt favoritism toward HRC, however the author’so attempt to frame banal, run of the mill strategic planning correspondence as some grand conspiracy shows a lack of experience and understanding of political campaigning as a whole.

    • MH

      Hello? Did you see any other Democratic canidate listed in the memo? It wasnt just Sanders missing from it.

    • Angel Tibbs

      Try #ExitGatePoll. Drumpf gave her the right name. Fraud, racketeering…she’s basically a mob boss. Bernie or Bust you poor blind soul.

  • marysnow

    Finally, give up. Hillary Clinton was always the best candidate and it wasn’t because of the DNC and it wasn’t because Sanders was just an inferior candidate it was just because she was always, always, the best candidate.

    • CBunny

      Well, mary, see in this country we still get to form our OWN opinions. We dont have to all be like you.

      We happen to choose Bernie. In our opinion, he is by far the superior candidate for reasons I could list here but Im convinced you won’t (or can’t) read them anyway. No worries, mate! I just won’t bother! :).

      Also, in our opinion, Hillary is a lying decieving steaming scheming sorry sack of shit. If you prefer to keep head in sand be decieved and stay uninformed, well, that’s your choice. Good luck!

    • mike

      The minions will blindly follow the great deceiver, Hillary anti-christ Clinton

      • Mark Farrell

        Wow you all are just like trump don’t agree with comments and turn to name calling. Maybe learn some manners. Hillary is the presumptive nominee and had the most votes by millions. If you think we will be better off with a psychotic racist then vote for trump. Either way Bernie stays in and runs independent then say hello to president trump and a horrible 4 years. Bash me if you want but I am a realist.

        • MH

          “Hillary is the presumptive nominee and had the most votes by millions. If you think we will be better off with a psychotic racist then vote for trump. Either way Bernie stays in and runs independent then say hello to president trump and a horrible 4 years. Bash me if you want but I am a realist.”

          Not one single mention of one scandal surrounding her candidacy. Take your pick.

          I observe this kind of two punch counter arguement from countless Hillary supporters all the time. It’s as if they were given a script.

          1.) Hillary got more votes, more super delegates and the popular vote.

          2.) We have to keep Trump away from POTUS.

          What I rarely hear/read is any arguements on progressive polices, or political history.

          Guess what Mark. Some of us aren’t baited by the possibility of a Trump presidency. If that were a real arguement that you actually beleived in you would have cast your vote for Sanders, whom still to this day shows stronger numbers in a mash up with Trump than Hillary does. Go ahead and say Sanders hasn’t been vetted.

          You see, we (as in supporters of Sanders, Stein, Johnson) did our homework and found Hillary to be severly lacking.

          You don’t get to skip on your homework than start dictating the terms on Hillary’s behalf.
          Mainly because you cant mitigate Hillary’s controversies, besides sweeping them under the rug, hoping they don’t froth until after the general. Just realize when you do this, you are literally giving our government a free pass to trample on our civil liberties and the right to a free and democratic election process. Apathy is the absolute worse response you could have shown in these times.

          • Angel Tibbs

            Well if you remember David Brock who slimed Anita Hill so he could protect Clarence Thomas, he is now With Her and paid to send his flying monkeys all around the internet. They are easy to spot because only they insist the system isn’t rigged and HRC won (gack) fair and square. Even Drumpf supporters know the system’s rigged, but they will impersonate both Bernie and Drumpf supporters in an effort to divide them. She only wants to talk about sexism and racism but that’s because her only true points are I am a Woman and Drumpf is worse. We need more than a fracking warhawk who will sell us down the river with the TPP. Bernie or bust.

        • Angel Tibbs

          Hillary stole the most votes by millions and the reason she’s presumptive is she couldn’t steal enough pledged delegates to clinch the nom before the contested convention. A lot could, and should, happen to her in a month, and we’re not going anywhere. Bernie or bust. I will add with the vote split Bernie beats Drumpf by double digits while HRC loses to Drumpf. Since no one really wants her who is not already comfortable – and that is very few people – I can certainly see why. You are the opposite of a realist but here you go: #ExitGatePoll

      • Angel Tibbs

        Yeah, but that’s not 46% of Dems. And she spit on Independents. Run Her and you will get Drumpf, cause she can’t fool anybody she has not already fooled, and thank God they are in the minority. Bernie or bust.

    • MH

      The best at corruption? I’ll grant you that. The Clinton’s are something else. In fact, add the Obama’s to that list too.

    • Angel Tibbs

      You first.

  • CBunny

    Honorable Mr. Guccifer 2.0,

    Please please make sure and release anything you have on the dnc and hillary BEFORE the convention in late July! Please!! The end of this month thru the beginning of July would be prime time! Give us time to make sure it gets circulated around because we all know the msm wont carry it!!

    Thank you for all your help! Imo, you rock!!

  • mike

    This was fixed in 2007, that Hillary would be the presidential nominee, after Obama’s term. She has broken the law, and from Obama to her rank and file minions blindly support her. Her rise is fortold in revelations, the anti-christ. I will never support Hillary or Trump (who isn’t any better )

    • C Love

      They are a modern day Ahab and Jezebel.

  • James Smith

    I wouldn’t put anything past a war criminal? Mr. Bernie Sanders is a “council for national policy” combative enemy Israel agent and that’s a prima facie fact.

    The idea is to demonize Mr. war criminal Sanders with common incidents of voter fraud. But all voting worldwide is a fraud? Because you can only cast your vote for a communist and that’s a prima facie fact.

    • Angel Tibbs

      Democratic socialist is not a communist, nor is HRC a Democrat in anyting but name. Bernie or bust.

  • N “Knows” Davis

    We could also see it from the beginning. The media and DNC are so biased. Of course they are doing the same with Trump. Apparently Hillary was the presumptive president since 2007. It was a done deal…so corrupt …go Trump

    • Angel Tibbs

      Bernie or Bust, but Trump’s better than Her.

  • disqus_DskKuQ8AOL

    Disgusting how crooked out governmenthe is

  • David Boudro

    Im writing in Bernie no matter what,and whoever is for him should do the same

  • Olivia

    We should not have to stand for any type of election fraud! Please check out and back the voting platform of the future on Kickstarter here:
    Follow My Vote has the solution that can provide us with verifiable and secure voting!

  • Angel Tibbs

    Because as Sanders famously says Enough is enough. She should not be counting chickens who will never be her chickens. Bernie or bust.

  • RCH

    Trump has been saying all along that Bernie NEVER HAD A CHANCE due to the rigged system and he now turns out to be right. Trump will make the BEST PRESIDENT for the USA..