Court To Use Clinton Emails To Expose Ukraine Terror Plot In Russia

Russian court uses recently 'above top secret' Hillary Clinton emails in court case proving Ukrainian plot in Russia

A Federal Security Services (FSB) report on the trial of Ukrainian spy Nadiya Savchenko says that beyond top secret emails belonging to Hillary Clinton must be allowed into the sentencing phase of the case in a Russian court, due to their critical relevance. 

Nadiya Savchenko is a former Ukraine Air Force pilot who, in 2014, joined a military detachment of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, in their fight against Russian separatist factions.  Savchenko is accused of entering Russia and using her cellphone to secretly adjust mortar fire to aid Ukraine terrorist allies in Metallist village, which killed a Russian television reporter and his crew. reports:

According to these FSB analysts, the specific emails obtained from former Secretary Hillary Clinton involving Nadiya Savchenko were written by US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian AffairsVictoria Nuland who masterminded what the private American intelligence firm Stratfor (known as the Shadow CIA) called the “most blatant coup in history” in toppling Ukraine’s legitimate government.

And with these emails having a US government classification of SAP (an acronym for ‘special access programs,’ a level of classification above top secret), this report further notes, the “black project” nature of the American’s attempting to subvert justice in the case of Nadiya Savchenko has not only been confirmed, but also explained.

For what these emails show, this report explains, was that upon the FSB’s arrest and detention of Nadiya Savchenko for her crimes in 2014, Assistant Secretary Nuland began a “counter campaign” of Western propaganda depicting this neo-Nazi terrorist as a heroic female pilot unjustly being persecuted by Russia—and while at the same time not a single report of Foreign Minister Lavrov’s extensive report to the international media has yet appeared on any major online American, French, British and German newspaper portals or television channels, the coverage of this Nazi terrorist has been non-stop.

Most intriguing, however, about this FSB report is its advising the Investigative Committee that it is legal to use these Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails against Nadiya Savchenko as the method(s) in which they were obtained were outside of the jurisdiction of the SVR.

This is an important distinction to note due to if these were emails obtained from a foreign government (in this case the US), the SVR would have “sole and exclusive” domain over them and would never allow their admittance in court due to the high security level they would be held under.

Having been obtained from Secretary Hillary Clinton’s “private computer email server” though, FSB legal analysts state in this report, these emails are to be considered as outside of US government jurisdiction and thus legal, under Russian law, to be used in any matter before the court.

As to how exactly the FSB obtained these “beyond top secret” Secretary Hillary Clinton emails this report doesn’t say, but it is important to note that the former US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, did recently acknowledge that they were in the possession of Russia and, just yesterday, the US State Department was forced to admit that 22 “top secret” emails were found on her private email server she had previously told the American weren’t there because she deleted them.

  • Smedley Fitshitz

    So, if I understand this correctly, the SAP emails that were NOT on her server, are to be used by a Russian court to convict Nadiya in a terror plot. The reason they can be used because they were found on her personal server as opposed to a .gov server. Am I correct?
    It seems to me this is a game changer. If the Russians do have this intel, what else do they have?
    My God, what have the lefties done?

  • RayOne

    Prison is not a posiibility for a friend of the Washington DC elite, who is a collector of dirty secrets.

  • guest

    Russian “justice.”

    The Ukrainians are constantly capturing Russian paratroopers and FSB thugs by the busload, with everything from truckloads of weapons to truckloads of phony Ukrainian ballots. Russian regular army artillery units across the border in Russian territory are constantly getting caught shelling Ukrainian positions, which Putin denies. The Russians shoot down airliners, shell schools and hospitals, and a few months ago blew up a bus full of civilians in one of their indiscriminate shelling attacks.

    But it’s Ukrainians on trial, in the face of naked Russian aggression.

    I wonder if they threatened her family to make her confess, or just tortured her.

    And yes, Russians, we know, anyone who opposes Russian aggression and imperialism is a “neo-Nazi.” Yes, we see, we get it. Even the Israelis don’t whine and moan about the “Nazi” bogeyman under the bed as much as Russians do. We’ve run out of sympathy and we grow weary of hearing it, and of hearing it used as justification for Russian crimes.