Russia: We Have Proof US Interfered With Our Elections

Fact checked
Russia say USA interfered in their regional elections

Russia has accused the United States of interfering in their elections and have threatened to release proof to back up their claims.

Officials from the Federation Council Commission in Russia’s Internal Affairs announced that they had evidence that proves the US influenced the regional elections that took place in Russia on September 10. reports: According to the head of the commission, Senator Andrei Klimov, foreign countries made wire transfers to Russian election funds to support certain candidates at the elections.

Klimov added that the funds were transferred through one of Russia’s ally in the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Transfers were made to the countries where there is no law on foreign agents.

“The United States is the most powerful centre, from which such activity comes. As a rule, it comes from Washington,” the senator said.

On September 10, Russia held elections at various levels.

In Moscow, United Russia party scored 76 percent of votes, whereas Yabloko party came second with 11.72%.