Russian Diplomats Travelling To UN Denied Entry Into United States

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Russian MOD politicians travelling to UN denied entry to United States

Russian diplomats travelling to UN headquarters in New York on Thursday were blocked from entering the United States, according to Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Alexander Yemelyanov.

Members of a delegation from the MoD were denied visas to enter the US by American authorities as they were en route to New York. reports:

The ministry’s spokesman Alexander Yemelyanov was quoted as saying in the piece that the delegation were on the way to the U.S. to participate in a joint Russian-Chinese military conference at the U.N.

“Thursday’s briefing was to include discussions of the U.S.’ global missile defense system,” Sputnik claims.

Citing Yemelyanov’s remarks, the Russian network added that the general staff of the Russian Armed Forces planned to participate in the briefing under the direction of the chief adviser.

All of the delegation, including the first Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Tretiak have been denied entry, according to Sputnik.