Russia, China, India, & Brazil Launch Urgent Investigation into Illegal US Bioloabs in Ukraine

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Russia, China, India and Brazil launch investigation into US biolabs in Ukraine

Russia, China, India and Brazil care now calling for an urgent investigation into the illegal US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine, following bombshell testimony given to the UN Security Council on Friday.

On March 6, 2022, Russian news agency Ria Novosti released bombshell documents that proved Ukraine was working on “biological weapons” near the Russian border.

According to the documents, the Ministry of Health in Ukraine ordered the biological pathogens to be destroyed in a February 24 memo.

On Friday, Russian Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya accused the United States of using birds, bats and fleas for biological warfare, using labs in Ukraine to develop deadly pathogents, including COVID. reports: Nebenzya accused the US was testing coronavirus in Ukrainian bats.

US Representative to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield denied allegations on Friday regarding the alleged US-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine.

However, she later added that the United States was working with the research facilities “proudly, clearly, and out in the open.”   This was after the US Embassy scrubbed proof of the Biolabs and US funding from their webpage.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield made a statement during the Security Council Meeting on Russia’s allegations of military biological activities in Ukraine.

Sadly, Ambassador Greenfield’s testimony did not move the other members on the Security Council.

During the hearing Russia, China, India and Brazil called for an investigation into the US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine.

These countries represent about half of the world’s population.

And just think, India and Brazil were close American allies a little over a year ago!

Nobody believes the Biden regime’s lies anymore.

How sad America has fallen in just a little over a year.