Roswell Expert: Top Secret Documents Prove UFO Crash


A paranormal radio show host claims to have proof that a flying saucer did indeed crash 70 years ago in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico.Roswell

Conspiracy theorist Heather Wade’s investigation into the Roswell mystery has unearthed a government cover up, dead aliens and a “top secret” report on Roswell which proves the alleged alien encounter and UFO incident did occur.Roswell

Dawn Luger reports:

Heather Wade, who is often called a “conspiracy theorist” insists she has gotten her hands on an “ultra top secret” report confirming the fabled alien encounter in the desert of New Mexico, was real.

Wade hosts a late night online radio show focusing on the paranormal and has earned the title “conspiracy theorist” for refusing to accept the government’s claims about the Roswell incident.  The Sun reported that Wade claims the documents contain information such as how four decomposing alien bodies were found two miles from the crash site a week later.Roswell

Wade alleges she got the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document from an unnamed source, according to the Express. She also claims the dossier details how the UFO came down on July 2 or 3, 1947.

A statement on the website for her radio show, Midnight in the Desert, reads: “Heather Wade received documents last night from a trusted source.  She immediately had Stanton Friedman take a look at these documents who said, ‘I have never seen anything like this, this is new MJ12 information.’  Stanton Friedman is going to continue examining these documents for authenticity, but at this time we can find no evidence of forgery.”  Friedman is a Nuclear Physicist-Lecturer and he is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident and co-authored Crash at Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident.

The report, which supposedly came from the government, states, “Aerial reconnaissance discovered that four small human-like beings had apparently ejected from the craft at some point before it exploded. These had fallen to earth at least two miles east of the crash site where the wreckage was located. All of the four alien crew members were dead and badly decomposed.”

If this document proves valid, it will provide not only proof of this crash but proof of a government cover-up. Is it time the government come clean on UFOs and aliens? With leaks of information happening rapidly, it’s likely only a matter of time before the public discovers the truth anyway.


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  • Anna Carrington

    They still keep churning out this stuff about evidence long after we have all got fed up of it. Show us the body of an alien and some REAL proof and we may then listen. What is more interesting is the spate of alien abductions and crop circles. The former have been dismissed as some kind of sleep disorder which I do not find adequate as an explanation and the latter as groups of nerds working in the dark all over the place to produce creative patterns. This explanation is unsatisfactory also.

  • seekless

    If so many UFO’s how come only one so called crash site recovered.

    • Frederick Jackson

      The government got special recovery teams together after the Roswell crash, or so I have read.

  • Frederick Jackson

    Crew just ejected and their bodies “badly decomposed”? WTF?