Rosie O’Donnell Accuses Trump Of Raping A Child

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Rosie O'Donnell accuses Trump of being a child rapist

Disgraced Hollywood liberal Rosie O’Donnell had a massive meltdown on Twitter Wednesday, accusing Donald Trump of raping a child, deflecting from the Democratic pedophile scandal that continues to rock Hollywood and DC.

In response to Trump’s condemnation of NBC’s Matt Lauer sexually assaulting women, O’Donnell lashed out at the President, baselessly accusing him of literally ‘raping a baby.’

Washington Examiner reports: Lauer, a fixture on American television for decades, was suddenly revealed to be a raging pervert — and the country wanted to comment on it.

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This was the president’s tweet:

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t the moment to work “fake news” into it. However, so far, so Donald. Let’s see what Rosie’s rejoinder was:


First, I’m curious just where the child rape accusations against President Trump are coming from.

Aside from several allegations of sexual harassment that very coincidentally happened to pop up just before last year’s election (and very coincidentally happened to mostly go away right afterward), the primary evidence against the president in this matter is the “Access Hollywood” video.

Which leads us to the question: What child rape are you talking about here?

What she could be referring to, as Newsweek points out, is a “Jane Doe” who filed a suit against both Donald Trump and prolific billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein claiming both sexually abused her while she was underage.

That suit was dropped just days before the election, purportedly because the plaintiff was receiving death threats but more likely due to the fact that there was zero evidence and the suit had about zero chance of success.

Either way, when it comes craziness, Rosie has gone so far over the deep end that we hear even Elmo isn’t taking her calls anymore. More’s the pity.

In the meantime, Rosie can keep on attacking the Trump family, suggesting that Barron Trump is autistic, and scrawling “CHILD RAPIST” over the screenshot of a tweet as if her act could possibly convince a single living soul to abandon Trump.

To some, it may seem like a cry for help. To me, it’s indicative of someone who desperately needs to figure out how to work Photoshop.


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  1. Trump has associated with Jeffrey Epstein. The media has really never vetted completely his past history.

  2. Whatever they accuse you of is what they are doing
    Alinskey rule #1
    Research this whales foster children and dead former partner

  3. I would say there is a pretty good chance trump has had sex with underage girls….. that’s just the game rich guys play…… there is no surprise there.. not that it is acceptable behavior.. because it is not acceptable…. but that’s the game rich men play…. the girls are generally rewarded for their efforts… that doesn’t make it right.. but that’s the game girls play so they can buy fancy clothes and makeup and drugs and shoes and stuff……so all in all…this is the corrupt world we live in…its not news… its just how things are with Godless people….

    • GFY! You bible thumpers seem to think there is a direct correlation between morality and religion. Not even remotely true.
      Pedophile priests are a perfect example.

      • Actually there is a correlation between morality and God…if you love God and read the Bible you will live a righteous life and a moral life… so yes…a definite correlation. Be careful with your observations. You are heading to hell at this stage.. Repent and be forgiven

  4. Is she related to old macdonald of old macdonald had a farm fame>?? rose macdonald had a farm eieio … is she into beasteality?… shes into something sick for sure. just take a look at what her demons have done to her countenance

  5. Nobody with an IQ above that of a retarded earthworm cares what Rosie O has to say about anything. She is a mentally impaired, fat, loud, crude, attention-seeking degenerate.

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