Rose McGowan Bombshell: “Hillary, I Was in a Hotel Room with Your Rapist Husband Bill Clinton”

Fact checked
Rose McGowan tells Hillary Clinton she was in a hotel room with her husband, Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton was left speechless on Friday after actress Rose McGowan dropped the bombshell that she had once been involved in a disturbing incident with Bill Clinton in a hotel room.

Rose hinted she would release more details about the encounter soon with a very cryptic line.

Here’s what she said: “@HillaryClinton, You are a shadow leader in service of evil. You are the enemy of what is good, right and moral. You represent no flag, no country, no soul. You eat hope, you twist minds. I’ve been in a hotel room with your husband and here comes the bomb.”

The end of the tweet suggests that Rose McGowan has incriminating evidence against Epstein’s close friend.

I looked at her Twitter page after she had tweeted the above, and someone accused her of throwing stones. This was her response:

“You think I throw stones? No b*tch, I drop bombs.”

It looks like another Clinton scandal is about to erupt. Stay tuned…