Ron Paul: Syrian Gas Attack Was False Flag

Ron Paul claims Syrian gas attack was a false flag

Ron Paul has accused the British and US governments of staging a false flag chemical attack in Syria in an attempt to topple President Bashar al-Assad. 

In an interview with defense policy advisor Daniel McAdams, the former Congressman says the alleged chemical attack that killed dozens of civilians, was a blatant false flag by rogue elements within the US government, designed to destabilise the Middle East and thwart ongoing peace talks in Syria.

According to Senator Paul, the attack was orchestrated by sinister forces within big oil, the military industrial complex, and the Deep State. “Big oil and military industrial groups have an interest to continue the war in Syria. [The attack] was probably inspired by sinister forces within the U.S. It looks like it wasn’t an accidental event. It makes no sense that Assad is ready to commit political suicide,” he told McAdams.

Partial transcript of Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams interview

Ron: Before the possible gas exposure in Syria yesterday, things were going reasonably well. With Trump saying Syrians should decide who ran their own country. Peace talks were breaking out. Al-Qaeda and ISIS were on the run.

They claim Assad released gas and killed a bunch of people. Ever since 2013, the neocons have been yelling and screaming about Assad using gas against his people.

Daniel: The UN said the 2013 attack was done by the rebels. Now you have the US ambassador to the UN claiming “we know Assad has used chemical weapons before.” Its not true.

Ron: Who would benefit? It makes no sense for Assad to use gas against his own people. I think there is zero chance he did this. McCain says he blames Trump for this. Says Trump hasn’t been “aggressive enough”.

Daniel: The fact is we’re on the eve of peace talks. Assad has the upper hand in these talks. He’s almost wiped ISIS out of the country. So he’s on the verge of this victory he decided to kill people with gas? He would have to be the most insane leader in the history of the world.

Ron: Big oil and military industrial groups have an interest to continue the war. I think its these same groups who were trying to install regime change in the Middle East with Bush. They have to get public support for the war, so behind the scenes the Deep State and Neocons, they do this. I think thats whats going on. So how is Trump going to handle this? He seems conflicted.

Daniel: The reaction is epitomised by Boris Johnson. He claims that all evidence points to Assad, yet also says “lets call for a thorough investigation”. How can you say all evidence points to Assad and then call for an investigation? The stories about the attack came from two sources. One is an NGO in the UK that’s not even in Syria, and the other is a US funded group called The White Helmets.  A very controversial group because they work very closely with the Al-Nusra front. Both of these groups are paid for by the US and UK governments.

I’ve seen the pictures the White Helmets posted online – handling people apparently attacked with Sarin gas – but not wearing any protection.

Ron:McCain made fun of the notion of letting the Syrians decide what do to about their own future.

Daniel: What a hypocrite he is. The same guy screaming ‘the Russians interfered in our elections’ says no one is allowed to decide their own fate… We’re being told lies just like we were in Iraq and Libya.

Ron:  If you are looking for a reasonable explanation, it was probably inspired by sinister forces within the U.S. We are always involved. It looks like it wasn’t an accidental event. It makes no sense that Assad is ready to commit political suicide.

  • barbaragol

    Yes, I agree totally and support Assad. The US/Israel has been bombing Syria under the pretense of outing ISIS, when in fact they have been bombing the legitimate government of Syria to overthrow Assad. What a farce, since this is ultimately unpopular they had to come up with a reason to further topple a legitimate government. I want to support you Trump, but these are trumped-up allegations!

    • Orrie Froloff

      Trump is being set up and he fell for it.

      • Linda Wren

        Oh yes indeed. Thought he had a clearer mind than that. He is part of the swamp of lies, murder, theft of/from Sovereign Countries

  • Jeffrey A Douglass Sr.

    When will the American people stop allowing the rich who are immune to their sons and daughters being sent to other countries to fight Political causes?

    • elaine

      …and when their sons and daughters are sent, they are treated like regular soldiers, and not be given cushy officer positions.

  • Ghisline Verbrugge

    I completely agree with you. I have been of that opinion since this morning. Don’t think that Bashir would risk to attract that much hate to himself.

  • scott

    Ron Paul is not and never was a US Senator. He was a congressman. If your research misses the small easy details how can we trust the rest of the content?

    • Tony Allegra

      So you’re going to discredit this because of a title? How about you watch the video and listen to Ron Paul directly instead of instantly writing it off?

  • bwbw123

    So much truth and of course the neocons and oil people of the world want none of that.

  • ansels2 adams

    I really don’t think Trump knew. They set him up!!!!! wait, just wait until he puts this together!! He has to know by now,