Roger Waters: Big Tech Silencing The Truth About ‘Fake’ White Helmets

Fact checked
Roger Waters claims White Helmets are 'scripted' and social media are silencing the truth from the public

Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has slammed Big Tech giants for silencing the truth about the ‘fake’ White Helmets from the public. 

Speaking on the SophieCo show, Waters said he would offer his full support to the White Helmets if he saw that the organization was actually helping victims in the Syrian conflict. reports: But “all the evidence points to the fact that that is not the reality,” he said.

Commenting on the Oscar-winning documentary about the supposed humanitarian group, Waters quipped: “Have you ever seen anything so obviously scripted and carefully shot?”

The rock legend also touched upon tech giants cracking down on undesirable speech.

“Now Facebook and Google and YouTube are the way that most people get their news. And they use social media in order to educate themselves or find out what’s going on. But the content is being censored by the corporations that own them. So it won’t be free – I mean, it’s not free now,” he said, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if he was eventually banned from social media sites because he was anti-war.

Waters tells a personal anecdote about working with a music producer who claimed that RT was “pure propaganda.”

“Well, I watch RT,” Waters said with a grin. “You can’t see a documentary about fracking on American television. Because they’re not interested in telling you anything about anything.”