Robert De Niro To Produce Film Proving Vaccines Cause Autism

Robert De Niro has announced plans to produce a new film exposing the link between vaccines and autism

Robert De Niro has announced plans to produce a new documentary exposing the dangers of vaccines and their connection to autism. 

In a recent interview with entertainment website Vulture, the Goodfellas star discussed the recent decision to shelve a screening of anti-vaccine film “Vaxxed: From Catastrophe to Coverup” from his Tribeca film festival.

Well, what I learned, first of all, there was a big reaction, which I didn’t see coming, and it was from filmmakers — supposedly, I have yet to find out who it was. I wanted to just know who they were, because to me there was no reason not to see the movie.

The movie is not hurting anybody. It says something. It said something to me that was valid. Maybe some things were inaccurate, but if the movie was 20 percent accurate, it was worth seeing. And they were saying it’s because of the filmmaker and he was discredited, but how was he discredited? By the medical establishment?

There’s a lot going on that I still don’t understand, but it makes me question the whole thing, and the whole vaccine issue is a real one. It’s big money. So it did get attention. I was happy about that. And I talked about another movie called Trace Amounts that I saw and spoke about it a lot, that people should see it, and it’s there.

Something is there with vaccines, because they’re not tested in some ways the way other medicines are, and they’re just taken for granted and mandated in some states. And people do get sick from it. Not everybody, but certain people are sensitive, like anything, penicillin. reports:

While saying he wouldn’t advocate a second time for “Vaxxed” to be screened at Tribeca, De Niro hinted his new documentary film – to be produced with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein – may focus on revealing the financial motivations behind vaccine manufacturers, as well as highlighting pharmaceutical companies’ ties to government agencies, such as the CDC.

Yeah, and you always say, you’re not against vaccines, you’re against what they put in vaccines that can hurt certain people who are allergic. It can kill them sometimes. And there’s such an industry. There’s big, big money in vaccines that the CDC will put …

…I’m working on something else. Harvey Weinstein and I are working on doing a documentary, but I don’t what to talk much about it, because when I talk about it, something happens. But that’s what we plan to try to do.

Last month, De Niro, who blames his son’s autism on vaccines, told the Today Show he believed there is a definite “link” between the disease and vaccine ingredients.

“They’re saying there isn’t [a link], but there is certain things. The obvious one is thimerosal, which is a mercury-based preservative, but there are other things there – I don’t know. I’m not a scientist, but I know because I’ve seen so much reaction…”

“Let’s just find out the truth,” De Niro concluded.

  • John

    I am a researcher in the causation of neuro degenerative diseases of which, autism is one of those. There is no question vaccines are a major factor in the causation of autism! The science proves it beyond the observational studies and papers. DeNiro is right on track in standing up to the corruption behind the obfuscation of truth!

    I only hope he is supported by truth seekers and not the AstroTurf pigs.

  • Davide

    Dear Mr. John, I’m an Italian lawyer and I am studying the matter thoroughly, any change to talk with you with a private message? I’m not pratical of Disqus and I cant find your private details. Thanks

  • Doreen Piazza-Randal

    If Congressman Bill Posey who has all the evidence in hand from the CDC, cannot convince those who have been bought off….then it is still up to us to educate the public about the risks. I hope Harvey Weinstein and Robert Di Nero dont pull any punches on the lack of safety and efficacy on vaccines in their proposed documentary. The whole politically correct official statement that they are not anti-vaccine is allot of bowing down to big pharma because most of us are afraid of their rath. Lets face it the Rockefellers and the Gates Foundation control vaccines and the mainstream media. The Rockfellers are silent partners with the AMA, fund the FDA, CDC, the government and even fund wars. Is it any wonder that the CDC had to cover this up? We need to uphold the Nuremburg Code of ethics that was supposed to protect us from crimes against humanity. Robert De Niro.

  • no

    Antivaxer bullshit, thanks for bringing back smallpox.

    • Raeann Peck

      My brother in law was hospitalized years ago with a severe case of small pox which he picked up from his son who had just been vaccinated. We should talk more about the shedding of virus from those who have been vaccinated.

    • Neo

      It’s eradicated remember, just like polio and all the other BS that people like you spout!!

  • Tamara Doyon

    I’ve always believed that the shots cause my son to have autism , he was a great baby an would eat a lot of things after he got the shots he change an his life has been a constant battle for help for him!

  • Matt VanCamp

    I’m not surprised that the film was banned from this showing and I won’t be surprised if the film ends up getting shut down altogether… In fact, the only thing about all of this that Will surprise me is if this movie gets produced and ever gets seen by the general public at all… Big Pharma will outspend Hollywood exponentially and protect themselves from exposure at all costs!

  • Steven

    Hope De Niro does not come up missing…