Robert De Niro: “I Am Certainly Looking Forward” to Trump Going to Jail

Robert De Niro says he is looking forward to Trump going to jail

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro has predicted that President Donald Trump will be locked up behind bars in the near future.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” on Thursday, De Niro discussed portraying disgraced investor Bernie Madoff:

“They didn’t allow much access the way I understand it to Madoff. With Trump when he’s in jail and that I am certainly looking forward to, when he’s in jail, if they give him a platform there, he’ll never keep his mouth shut. Madoff, for some reason, they stopped. I know people that interviewed him had very limited access to him. But with Trump, it will be—he’s another form of being.”

Host O’Donnell said, “When you look at Madolph and Trump, they both seem to have that sociopathic quality of zero empathy, no ability to see what it’s like to be somebody else.”

De Niro responded, “That’s what I realized right after he was elected when I was on Jimmy Kimmel. I said give him a chance, always give somebody the benefit of the doubt. But that was not the case. He’s been worse than any of us could have imagined, any of us could have imagined. It’s — there is something, you know, I don’t want to call him names. I’ve done all that. He’s worse than we could ever imagine. It’s beyond comprehension.”