RNC Files Official FEC Complaint Against Big Tech for Their Disgusting Censorship of Biden Report

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RNC files official complaint with FEC over Big Tech censorship of Hunter Biden story

The American people have had enough.

The Republican National Committee filed an official FEC complaint against the Big Tech censors at Google, Facebook and Twitter for censoring and banning conservative voices during an election.

The Big Tech giants in collusion with the Biden campaign censored information reported by The New York Post on Wednesday, America’s oldest newspaper.

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The report, which exposed corruption within the Biden family, was so heavily censored that regular users who dared to share it found their accounts banned.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: The Big Tech oligarchs have blocked conservative voices on their platforms for years.

Steve Bannon and The War Room urged the the Republican Party to file charges against the Big Tech Oligarchs following this latest round of electioneering by these corrupt companies.