Retired Officer Reveals FEMA Camp Preparations Are Underway Now

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Retired officer reveals that FEMA camp preparations are underway in California right now

A retired officer has revealed that a civilian containment FEMA camp is currently being set-up in California in preparation to imprison civilians en masse.

These camps are going to be used to gather political dissidents and activists who speak out against the government.

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Currently, there are hundreds of FEMA camps across the US which are fully operational and ready to take in prisoners at any moment. They are staffed by full time guards and usually empty. They are operated by FEMA, and should martial law ever be enacted, all it will take is the presidents official signature on a proclamation and the attorney general’s signature on a warrant to which a list of names will be attached….That is the list of those whom they have deem as “domestic terrorists” (patriots, Christians, conservatives and the like).

Through the Rex 84 program many of our military bases were converted into prison camps under the pretense that they were to be used in the event of a “mass exodus” of illegal immigrants. Though this is what is happening today, our Rex 84 camps remain empty, which leads many to believe that their agenda is something other than illegal immigrants crossing the border.

That said, a reporter from NewsChannel 13, Mark Mulholland and his camera man Matt Soriano were threatened with arrest by a corrections lieutenant in 2014, simply for having an “empty” prison in the background of their video footage on Grant’s Cottage—a nearby historical site where President Ulysses S. Grant died.

If this so called “empty” prison was truly “empty” then why all the hassle from the lieutenant? Furthermore the prison houses 0 prisoners, yet has 76 working officers?!  Without a doubt this is another FEMA camp!!! Check out the footage, if you have not yet seen it….