Researchers Blame Urban Gun Crime on ‘Climate Change’; WEF Demand ‘Climate Reparations’

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The so-called "climate crisis" is responsible for the rise in inner-city gun crime, according to scientific research published in the science journal Jama Network Open.

The so-called “climate crisis” is to blame for the rise in inner-city gun crime in American cities, according to scientific research published in the science journal Jama Network Op

“Our work suggests that climate change, which may elevate daily temperatures above normal ranges, may contribute to increased firearm violence,” the researchers said.

The study assessed shooting in 100 US cities from 2015 to 2020. The scientists said that when the temperature gets hotter there are more shootings and concluded that this means climate change is to blame for urban gun violence.

“We saw a really consistent overall relationship between temperature and a higher risk of shootings,” said Dr Vivian Lyons, at the University of Washington, Seattle, who led the research. “When we are aware that firearm violence is more likely to happen on hotter days, regardless of the season, it can help inform violence prevention efforts.

“There is a concern I have, after the study, that firearm-related violence will rise as climate change continues.”

Dr Laurence Wainwright, at Oxford University, and not part of the research team, said: “These findings significantly strengthen the hypothesis that temperature rises brought about due to human-induced climate change will have a connection with increased firearm violence in the US, and other countries, in the years ahead.”

The research paper coincides with the World Economic Forum’s push for climate reparations.

Climate reparations would involve wealthy nations and regions that have historically emitted the most carbon dioxide compensating for ‘loss and damage’ to developing countries and poor inner-city residents that have not contributed significantly to the so-called climate crisis and are the least prepared for its impacts.

If you haven’t heard of this loony concept yet, the theory is that America and the Western world owe the rest of the world billions of dollars for burning fossil fuels over the last 100 or so years.

According to Klaus Schwab, climate reparations are now “top of the agenda.”

Let’s be real. The climate change agenda is mostly a climate hustle. This is all about money. Hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars of government handouts funded by working Americans.

If you don’t believe the global elite are capable of orchestrating a giant hustle on this scale, you might be interested in listening to Bill Gates explain to his inner circle that the whole climate change narrative is a WEF scam. WATCH:

Anyway, why should the US pay the rest of the world for the privilege of burning fossil fuels in the last hundred years? As Stephen Moore writes, these were the fossil fuels that provided America with the energy to save humanity from fascism and communism during World War I, World War II and the Cold War. These energy sources are what have powered the industrial age, bringing light, heat and air conditioning. And they have powered our infrastructure, factories, an abundant food supply and a technology revolution.

It was the fossil fuel energy revolution of the last century that supplied America with the wealth and financial resources to provide some half a trillion dollars of disaster and foreign aid to seemingly every area of the rest of the world. And now, President Joe Biden’s dunces are agreeing with foreigners that we owe them money?

America should be getting reparation payments. Not the other way around.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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