Researcher Explores The Deep Web And Reveals Disturbing Truth

The dark and disturbing deep web (or 'dark web')

The Deep Web should not be confused with the Dark Web (which is essentially an encrypted network that exists between Tor servers and clients). 

In the Deep Web content stored on servers and databases and accessed through a browser cannot be indexed and searched via conventional search engines, yet the vast content makes up around 99.97% of what exists on the internet. Most of it is unseen by the general public.

An undercover reporter named “Pam” recently went onto the Deep Web to find out what this content consists of. What she found was shocking.

The Deep Web is used mostly by pedophiles. “Pam” spent months undercover in an online community of child molesters, learning their lingo and studying their ways as part of an undergrad research project.

Here are the top five things she learnt about this community…. reports:

#5. In The Dark Web, You’ll Find A Whole Pedophile “Community”

To infiltrate this stygian pit of awfulness, Pam used the same anonymizing service revered by drug dealers and privacy advocates: Tor. If you don’t pay much attention to Internet-news, Tor is a free service you can use to try and thwart government surveillance of your online communication — basically wiping away your tracks. Ironically, Tor was developed with a lot of government help and is currently used by the military, NSA, and CIA for their own stealth-browsing needs. Like so many times before, the government engineered the means for its own defeat.

Once you’re in, you go searching for the illegal stuff the same way the pedophiles do — they have set up a system to make it easier for them to find each other. So, while they don’t like to advertise, child pornographers do have their own Wikipedia, which is accessible through Tor. It’s named “Hard Candy,” because there is no God and whatever odious being vomited us into existence abandoned us to the void long ago.

Pam eventually wound up at a discussion forum called 3DBoys, which is full of erotic art and stories about every nightmare your parents ever had while you were growing up.

However, there wasn’t any actual porn on 3DBoys. Everything there was on the edge, certainly, but members were extremely careful never to blindly masturbate their way into outright illegality. However, during her exploration of 3DBoys, Pam learned of a site called 7axxn, which was essentially the Mos Eisley Cantina for child pornographers.

Since basically everyone on 7axxn was guilty of more federal crimes than your average Batman villain, membership was heavily restricted. Like that creepy rich people sex club from Eyes Wide Shut, the only way in to 7axxn was to get an invitation from a current member. Some of those members hung out in a less-restricted Tor chatroom, but it looked like gaining their trust would require breaking the law: “If you didn’t provide a link to child porn every 10 minutes, you were kicked off,” says Pam. This whole “incriminate yourself to get inside” attitude was common among pedophiles of the Deep Web: “There are a lot of forums that don’t even allow new members unless they submit an application where they upload examples from their own CP library. I wasn’t about to even try that.”

It’s sort of like how drug dealers in the movies will force suspected undercover cops to do a line of what is supposedly cocaine in order to prove their shared criminality — the big difference being that it’s totally legal for cops to do that kind of stuff in the interest of busting criminals. Pam wasn’t a cop, so, if she downloaded or exchanged any illegal pornography, she would be in just as much trouble as the band of villains she was attempting to infiltrate. Finally, she got lucky. “The third day someone said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve got an invite,’ and I was like, ‘Can I have an invite, too?'”

Thanks to the, uh, generosity of that particular pedophile, Pam was in. And the further in she got, the more terrifying the implications of her research became. As Nietzsche said, “She who fights with monsters should look to it that she herself doesn’t get raided by the FBI for her browser history.” Which is to say, the legal status of Pam’s work was rather murky. “Researchers do have some legal protections in these situations, but my primary adviser was fuzzy about whether I was even eligible as an undergrad. This started six months of paranoia that every time the doorbell rang, it was the FBI coming to get me for my data. Sometimes, I still jump [when I hear it].”

But, the FBI never came, and, over the course of the next month, Pam observed what we can safely call the Internet’s worst community, where she learned …

#4. There Are Two Opposing “Camps” Of Child Molester

There’s something we should establish right away. There are pedophiles out there who desperately don’t want to harm children and hate the urges they feel — we interviewed a few of them a while back. But, what Pam found on 7axxn was a shitload of people dedicated to raping and victimizing children and also finding new ways to do it.

7axxn is a community of “over 90,000” registered users, filled with gigabyte after gigabyte of child pornography, which is easily the most depressing set of statistics ever recorded. Most users are just there for the porn, but hundreds of them also contribute to a lively set of discussion forums. There are even polls, breaking down the popularity of things such as “Hurtcore,” which is the charming shorthand term for pornography featuring the violent physical abuse of children (Note: About 40 percent of respondents said they “love it!,” and another 19 percent merely thought it was “okay, not my favorite.”)

Other highlights of the discussion included a debate over the merits of drugging children, in which one member insisted that drugs weren’t necessary because ” … children are quite heavy sleepers without taking any medication at all!”

Those awful “practical” threads actually revealed a major divide within the “community,” between people who were more-or-less at peace with the fact that they were sexually assaulting victims who were incapable of giving consent, to those who considered themselves child lovers, insisting they were merely in a mutual sexual relationship with someone who happened to be a kindergartner. Here’s a sample post from a thread asking whether or not respondents preferred “real sex or real rape.” Quote:

“Enjoy what you want; that’s your business, NOT MINE. But don’t you DARE, EVER paint me with the same brush as you do yourself. And don’t ever call yourself a child lover, either. You’ve got some nerve.

Do you also think that stealing something is the same as buying it, too? Well, if that’s the case, I hope you open a shop in my village soon. Of course, I myself would never steal anything from you. The only people you’d have to worry about is people just like yourself. What a way to go through life: having no desire to ever look in a mirror and see someone you could possibly respect.”

Pam got her first hints of the divide between “child lovers” and “child molesters” when she was browsing around the 3DBoys community, seeing posts like this:

“Hi thestruggle, [smiley face]

You have to learn to disassociate your thinking of pedophilia with hurting or abusing children. You have been brought up to, not talk to strangers etc when you was a child because your parents who think pedos hurt children passed that idea on to you & now your mind is confused …

The truth is, some people do hurt children but the majority of pedophiles (paedophile is latin for child lover — paed=child & phile=love) love children and would not hurt them or harm them in any way.”

We’ve actually encountered this ourselves, by the way. After we did the aforementioned article with the pedophiles who were trying to undergo treatment to stop, some lovely soul tweeted to us an earnest defense of child molestation based around two key points of indestructible logic:

A) Children have sex with each other!

And …

B) Pedophilia means “child friend.” No, really!

You’ll note the same “linguistic root of the word ‘pedophile'” talking point Pam ran into above. They also claimed that our article’s point of view represented, “… the breeder/prude/cretin’s agenda treating kids as property without a will or say of their own.” As if the children’s “innocence” (that is, the fact that they don’t know what’s happening and are easily lied to) isn’t the very thing that turns them on.

In other words, there are child molestation crusaders out there, and Pam ran into a lot of this on the Deep Web. Below is one response to a 7axxn post from a guy, bemoaning his inability to be anything but a “leech” (a person who consumes the content but never submits any) because his family situation made it impossible to actively share child pornography. The other members suggested he could aid “the cause” by helping to “enlighten & educate” the children in his life on the “true philosophies of love”:

“Firstly, there is nothing wrong with being a “leech” for on topic IMHO.

It is important we spread the content for all who share our orientation. But it is equally important that we make the world see that so called ‘children’ are human beings that enjoy sexuality as much as ‘adults’.

If you do not wish to engage in sexual activity with our younger brothers & sisters, then please at least enlighten & educate them on the true philosophies of love, happiness & sexuality. Show them that the violence we ingrate into our ‘civilization’ is unacceptable, and nurture the emotion & feelings that come naturally to humanity.

It will allow them to become more balanced in their post-pubescent years. Acknowledging that sexuality between humans regardless of age is not evil or destructive.”

Advice of this nature is typically dispensed by cloven-hooved tentacle beasts wearing person costumes. Unfortunately for the whole damn human race, some of the people who aim to “enlighten” kids (a term here meaning “molest”) actually have children of their own.

That’s right …

#3. For Some People, It’s A Family Business

Let’s cut right to the chase: a moderator on 7axxn with the sage-like moniker of sarahthecunt claims to have three children that she and her husband are “bringing up pedo” (her husband is a member, too). This is another way of saying they rape their children and convince them that they’re enjoying it. “She makes her own videos of that,” says Pam, “and she’s one of the (according to her) biggest child pornographers in her area. I don’t know where that area is because they are very tight-lipped about where they’re located.”

Sarahthecunt claims she was molested by her dad as a young girl and enjoyed it so much that she grew up taking pride in her identity as a pedophile. When she tired of shopping around for a “Mr. Right” to have kids with (and then molest), she took to hanging out on a series of pedo chatrooms until she met a like-minded man named “Brian,” whom she married three months later. Here, in sarahthecunt’s own words, are the rules they set for their children:

Please note she admits that she and her husband immediately violated rule #1 when their daughter was a newborn. We’re guessing that right about now your greatest hope in the world is that Sarah’s entire tale is an elaborate fake. But according to Pam, that isn’t likely. “She posts videos she and husband make … According to her, the kids are willing participants. But, obviously, they can’t be.” It’s interesting to see the lines the “child lovers” faction draw for themselves. Continuing sex after a child says “no” is bad, so, of course, the moral thing to do is to simply condition the child from birth to never say no, by never telling them that what’s happening to them isn’t normal.

Pam hasn’t seen these videos because that would mean downloading child pornography. But, Sarahthecunt is a frequent contributor to the site’s felonious archives and is regarded as credible by her fellow child molesters. You might be wondering how the hell people like her manage to stay hidden from the eyes of the law for so long. Well, that’s because …

#2. Child Molesters Have A Handbook

Any sufficiently difficult task needs a handbook, or, at the very least, a guide “For Dummies.” So, some enterprising pedophiles (or unsettlingly imaginative FBI agents) have written a guide to protect their evil, horror-shit comrades:

“The pedophile’s handbook was originally a PDF or .doc in circulation among the community,” Pam says. “It turns out there’s also a downloadable version too.”

Pam says the handbook includes bits on argumentative justifications for pedophilia, which probably explains why both the guy who tweeted us and the people on 7axxn used such similar language. Among other things, it advises buyers of child porn to do their business in Bitcoin and teaches readers “… how to have sex with children, and hide it from a significant other.”

The handbook also keys newbie pedophiles in on helpful hints such as using the shorthand acronym CP, instead of actually typing “child pornography.” Another term the community uses to avoid suspicion is “young friends,” which refers to the children they’ve either abused or wanted to abuse. The community further protects itself by carrying out all their communication anonymously on Tor and keeping vigilant moderators. Pam actually posted on 7axxn as a researcher, seeking to poll the population.

Her thread was immediately identified and locked down by a moderator:

“To all- this is a feeble attempt at drawing people out … It may be an actual researcher (who didn’t read the intro tag at the top of our page) or didn’t know how the host system he’s using works or a clueless lea [law enforcement agent] or whatever …

In any case be aware of these things. Don’t ever go to sites asking for survey data. Even someone just ‘collecting data’ via messages and responses in posts can cause enough personal info to be revealed to help police profilers (who are very good at what they do) to fill in the blanks.

I’m leaving the message up, sans link, just for awareness purposes.”

Any community that forms around something this illegal doesn’t last long if the members are dumb about it. These people want as many burgeoning pedophiles to find them as possible because that means more emotional support (and more porn) for them. They know their community is only as safe as its least safe member, so they work together to protect each other from the feds and maintain a place on the Internet where they can freely have conversations like this:

“i get hard seeing teen girls crying and being violated and raped, enjoy those murder porn scenes too. Just look at some BDSM sites, you can actually re-enact a ‘consensual’ rape scene with a stranger and all that kinds of stuff, its not really that uncommon. Not that i would actually hurt someone if they didn’t want to be hurt or anything, besides once you do hurt someone or rape someone, usually you lose your hard on pretty quickly facing the consequences lol. I actually share this stuff with people in general conversation with a smile on my face, they just laugh, Lol. Not sure if they think I am joking.”

This is the paradox of a group that also desperately want to be acknowledged as “normal” and “healthy” by mainstream society — just another sexual orientation. In one thread, a member pitched the idea of starting a website for children “between the ages of 9 and 14.” It would contain “educational games” and a chat client that would connect these young users to other “kids” who, as you might have already guessed, would actually be pedophiles in disguise. The other members of 7axxn immediately told the poster his idea was rock-fucking stupid, and he lashed out angrily in response:

“Herein lies one of the major problems in the entire pedo community: they let ‘The Man’ and they let ‘Them’ best us before we even try anything new. They have already beaten us psychologically, so that’s why we don’t even bother to try. That is one of their tactics. And they are winning.

If we united and put are heads together, there is a whole lot more that we can do together … There is a whole lot more that we can do and accomplish if we would stop letting them beat us before we even try.

A site like this CAN be done. Safety measures could be put into place to earn trust, like requiring some sort of photo ID before gaining access to chat features to ensure that only kids are in the chat.

I’m sure that you can also come up with a lot of other great ideas, if you are willing to lose this negative mindset that has been imposed upon us and start winning the psychological game that they are playing with us.

It’s entirely possible that guy was an undercover FBI agent, trying to trick members of the forum into basically handing themselves over on a silver platter. If it was, it sadly didn’t work. Busting people who openly brag about the commission of major felonies seems like the easiest job any cop could wish for, but the truth is …

#1. They Are Very Good At Staying Anonymous

If you’ve got any kind of soul, this has been a frustrating article to read. Now imagine how Pam felt after wading through all this chittering evil at ground-fucking-zero:

” … at one point, I read how one of the mods was arrested for sexual assault on a minor, and she got off — the person who charged her recanted. [The police] had her RIGHT THERE, and the things she did and admitted to doing on the forum were even worse than anything she’d been charged for.”

Another day, Pam discovered a thread about the best way to drug children (one quote: “[Drug name removed] does wonders. Very mild and relaxes muscles too … Btw [removed] only make them tired and lethargic. Not a good choice for a light sleeper unless mixed with etoh (alcohol). Be careful.”). And again, those posts are right alongside those insisting that kids just love sex and have no problem giving consent.

“You’re damn right I wanted to get these people locked up,” says Pam. “I looked as hard as I could, for any court admissible evidence, I specifically looked for location data, ID information … and I found nothing. The people here … they are very open about what they want to do to children. And very careful about not mentioning where they are located.”

There’s also the fact that Tor offers a lot of protection — there’s a reason drug dealers and investigative journalists also use it to hide themselves. That said, the FBI has broken through Tor’s protections before: In 2013, they busted a prolific child pornographer and several pedophile communities. But, that bust ultimately boiled down to just a handful of individuals, which didn’t do squat to stop the spread of child porn across the hidden reaches of the Internet.

  • Revelator

    Has Pam read the Franklin Cover Up? These vile beasts exist all throughout the government. No therapy just straight to the firing squad. These animals are already asking for the same rights as the sodomites.

    • Blunted25

      Comparing two consenting adults to a sexual relationship between a child and an adult is extremely irresponsible and dare I say…. Ignorant.


        umm Revelator didn’t compare anything like that Bluntpencil.. take your medication Bluntpencil are off your fucking head…lolol

        • Blunted25

          Your a year too late with this wack ass response. Fuck off.

  • ozlanthos

    The deep web does not primarily consist of paedophiles. Are there paedo communities in the deep web? Probably. But then again, there are plenty of paedo communities in the clear web, so what’s the point? “These people use unindexed web-space! BE AFRAID! SCARY SCARY SCARY!”. ” I don’t know much about it, but I ran into a paedo community, so that’s all there is in the deep web!” What surprises me is that someone might consider this garbage to be “journalism”, or even worse ” the truth”.


  • Audun Nilsen

    You have to grasp their mentality to understand their meticulousness. Were you ever caught watching porn? The thrill is in the chase, and what they’re chasing is that original, primal fantasy of the perfect mate. “Inside our heads, there is a police man, and he mus be destroyed”. Reme,ber that one? Remember this – your first impulse in regards to anything is almost never the best idea. Love is supposed to be the exception, but.. What it is, is an adrenal gland thing, and it, really, goes deep in modern society. It’s a phase all men must go through, squashing the serial killer inside them with computer games, fourth degree equations, or whatever. Today, people drive cars, and so.. If these people we’re talking about, and they _are_ people, relented enough to be “stupid” (relax), and reveal their ID, location, et.c., then chances are they wouldn’t even get as far as the forum – they’d be out scuba diving, or jumping from a plane, or anything to take their mind off their everyday routine — they’d be self conscious enough to realize what they’re about, and from there it’s only a matter of time before they’re disgusted by themselves, for pursuing such an inane fantasy (not worthy of them [Study Caesar. Vast momentum, built up through hundreds of years, to a great extent by his own family, married with a coincident of history and climate change was what created Caesar. My point is: There won’t _be_ another Caesar, fore those conditions that propelled his family and himself into the limelight shall never again arise.]), which causes an awareness of the immense void inside them, making it, O, so much easier to go back. This is why catching liars is so awesomely important. Once their regiments of social alibies implodes, then facing strangers becomes a reel burden, and the falling sickness that Caesar had will compel them to lick boot. Since their conscious mind is locked into this paranoia state, the state of healing epilepsy; that of the sneaking feline that only lives a few violent years before they rattle their last breath, they must push on or give in, and I’m guessing most people who did something horrible more than once, probably died young, senile, or both. Knowing evil circles, my bet is that most of these people are very old indeed before they even understand what’s wrong with them, and they’ll be going down all the roads before that time – social anxiety, OCD, obesity, too high cholesterol… The biggest threat, I think, is being extremely popular early on, and especially if it was for no other reason than looks. the meanest people I konw about are fashion freaks, and God knows we should … watch the fashion industry. Suddenly you’re 30, and you’ve done no actual work in your life, always leaning on your hefty network of connections. Either you turn your life around, starting ten years later than successful people, or you continue down that road of carcinogens.

    An important point in all of this is that children who were offended on, sexually, physically, emothionally, psychologically, socially or however – if you were abused, most likely, you are going to have stronger, and earlier, sexual urges than kids their same age. That’s OK, to an extent, possibly having sex makes you age quicker, I couldn’t say – I would say that each case should be judged by its own merit, with a line decisively drawn at no higher than 35 (intending that if you’re _that_ old when having sexual relations with a minor, you ought to also be socially awkward to the point of measurable mental retardation), and that, wouldn’t you know, is a point that never comes across, now does it? Everybody are too preoccupied with spewing hatred. I mean, even handicapped people deserve a fair shot at experiencing true love, right? In Denmark, prostitutes are paid by the government, but that’s neither here nor there. What I’m saying is that I think heberophilia (isn’t that the term for preferring young teen lovers?) is sooo taboo in our day, compared to how it was just 150 years ago, because pedophiles know it’s to their benefit that it’s not OK. As long as the debate isn’t there, then the real Mr. Clean’s out there, the guys that won’t get caught, can hide in innocuousness, incredulity and anger, because we don’t see what they’re really like. Keep in mind – some girls are butt ugly, and their only shot at grand society, or.. I don’t even want to go there.. The only chance some girls have at attaining real love, or success, or fame, or glory, or power, or whichever, and I know this is sad, is to marry young..! Have you seen what McDonald’s has done to the mean size of… It’s just breathtaking. Anyways. The point _here_ is that pedophiles share some traits to a tee – like murderers: femininity, social awkwardness, self hatred, mania, et.c.. We’d know that only fakers and haters become natural law breakers, if only we’d familiarize ourselves with the subject matter. I’d say that the best medicine for obesity _and_ social awkwardness both is sex. In the good, old days they forced everybody into a ring and danced till they collapsed. I’d also point to the fact that people have never married as late as they do today. At one stage, near year 0, the mean age of citizens in Rome was about 40 years! All together, researchers suggest, the mean age dipped below 19! Now, if you are caught having sex with a child 0-18 (?), the ramifications are so huge that you’re either a whiter shade of pale from all the paranoia, utterly dumbstruck from surprise that your psychopathic vigilance didn’t pan out, or you’re just so blood-thirsty that any thinking, feeling human being can see your sorry, self serving, scum frothing ass a mile away. What that means is that we don’t see the perpetrator as a human being. We don’t see the one who is all three. Why? Because he’s also a functioning member of society, probably in a public position which makes his viral attitude seem excusable, and, perhaps, is..! In ancient Greece, it seems as though pederasty committed by a mentor on a student was nothing, when going by the imagery on their clay pottery, but take into consideration that they lived in an insanely violent world. Their clarity in language came at an unbelievably steep price, a point which is lost on many young boys today, who must study the Romans gregariously, but aren’t on the line in regards to the world view. I’ll put it in one word: Acrid.

    Let’s get really real here – when did humans stop having sex in front of, forget their kids, in front of everybody? We see it in Indian movies all the time. Hunter-gatherers are generally thinly clothed (and a pretty violent bunch). The short answer, again, is they had to mature earlier, and so they can’t really provide a standard. To be truthful, life was nasty, brutish and short before the spear and the bow. Before that time, it seems counter that many matured that had extreme sexual preferences, because the demands on their conditioning would curtail the worst brunts of their anguish without the need of any creativity whatsoever, saying at once that women, back then, were probably total sluts 😛 Not that I would blame anybody for selling their ass to the higgest bidder in the face of a bear massacre. I’d probably be first in line.

    • ohhmyfukengoodness


  • Ron Bray

    I have tor, but have still no idea how to access deep web. All the sites explaining “how to ” just give information as to what it is , but no link or address to go to. I’m curious about it.

  • Gary Carlyle Cook

    there is a serious problem like you say but you are wrong about it being the deep web as much as its not the dark web. what you are talking about is the dark web and not the deep web. the dark web is what is encrypted and can only be accessed with a browser like tor or something else that decrypts it. also, the problem there is not as big a part of the deep dark web as you say, thankfully. the most common use of it is in china where they use it to get any international internet at all.

  • Mollie Norris

    Awesome, Sean!
    After all these years!
    Check out the CIA Finder’s program here
    Dr. Jeffrey McDonald has been in prison since 1979 after his false conviction for the 1970 satanic murders of his wife and daughters at their home on the Fort Bragg army base in North Carolina.

    Field McConnell @ Abeldanger has reported on Hillary Clinton’s lottery based on predicting the exact time of a ritual satanic child sacrifice, in addition to this post and others.

  • bewareofoldlady’s

    The Lady at our fruit shop and her husband and two sons and 2 yr old daughter went to Disneyland some yrs back… long story short.. her husband and sons went off to do some rides because the little girl was sick … and when after half an hour she wondered where they were and she had met a old lady who offered to sit with her daughter for a little while so she could go to find them…… when she came back with her husband and sons the old lady and her daughter were gone… yep you guessed it the old lady stole her daughter. .. they never saw the little girl devastated the family and destroyed the marriage….this shit really happens.. this is the work of satan..nothing more nothing less…