Radioactive Waste Leaks Into Ocean During Fukushima Power Outage

A power outage on Tuesday has shut down all eight water transfer pumps at Fukushima nuclear power station which has caused radioactive water to leak into the Pacific Ocean. reports:

The pumps are being used to pump tainted water from a drainage channel to another channel leading to a fence-enclosed artificial bay facing the station. The beleaguered utility said it was checking into what happened and how much water had leaked.

The pumping had begun last Friday, in response to a finding in late February that highly radioactive water in the channel was reaching the ocean. They were confirmed to be working Monday afternoon but found stopped at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday.

The utility said earlier this year that water samples from the drainage channel last May contained concentrations of radioactive materials that surpassed the legal limit.

  • Trevor Hall

    Is there a reason you’re using an image of the debris from the Japan tsunami for this post? Just wondering – as the image is misleading and will make people believe that is actually toxic waste dumping into the ocean. A picture of Fukushima probably would have been a better idea.

  • tomsebourn

    The photo above it is of the radiation but since it’s invisible, you probably can’t see it.