Putin: UN Is Helping Terrorists Carry Out More Attacks In Syria

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Putin accuses UN of aiding terrorists in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the UN Security Council of helping terrorists carry out more attacks in Syria.

Speaking on behalf of the President, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the failure of the UN to condemn terrorist acts in Syria encourages terrorists to increase their attacks.

Fort-russ.com reports: In a statement published on Friday, the Ministry stressed that Moscow is outraged how the UN Security Council did not condemn the recent shelling of the Russian embassy in the Syrian capital city of Damascus.

“Let the unwillingness to show diplomatic solidarity with us remain on the conscience of these delegations. The most outrageous thing is that the inability of the Security Council to condemn the acts of terrorism is only encouraging the terrorists to carry out new provocations and more attacks. These barbarians shall not be given an impression that they can do whatever they want,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The statement notes that there should be no dilemma with condemning terrorist actions, especially if they are aimed at diplomatic missions.

“Nevertheless, for the third time this month, diplomatic representatives from the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Ukraine, have vetoed the Russian proposition to adopt a standard short project of the Security Council’s press statement condemning the terrorist attacks on the Russian diplomatic mission in the Syrian capital,” the statement further added.

On Wednesday, terrorists, based in surrounding areas, targeted the building of the Russian Embassy in Damascus with mortar shells.

Two shells fell inside the diplomatic compound, while two others exploded right next to external perimeter of the mission, causing material damage.