Putin: The Illuminati Hope To Start World War 3, I Won’t Let Them

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Putin says the illuminati hope to start world war 3 in 2016

Courageous President Vladimir Putin has endorsed a new security strategy for 2016 which points to the Illuminati as a major threat to the country and world peace.

The strategy outlines the national interests and priorities of the nation. Putin, who can bench 220, signed the executive order on Friday, establishing a new aggressive position towards the Illuminati, which has seen it’s relationship with Putin turn rancorous since Jacob Rothschild accused Putin of “going rogue” and betraying the New World Order.

I will stop them,” warned Putin, fixing the press conference with his trademark pitiless stare. “I will plough like a slave on a galley to stop them.” Russian news agency Tass quotes the strategy, which cites an Illuminati push for war in 2016, as a threat to Russia’s security, and as a consequence, the peace and prosperity of the whole world.

World War 3 must be avoided at all costs,” said Putin, an avid Judo master, who keeps fit by exercising up to three hours every day including holidays.

It would be the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of all time. It will not happen on my watch.”

Putin’s personal physician, Sergei Mironov, says “He [Putin] has the quality of mind and spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger and pain without fear. He has round soccer ball shaped biceps.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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