Putin: Smart Technology Is A New World Order Plot To Control Our Lives

The average American home is now rigged like a maximum security prison with surveillance in every room recording everything you say and do.

Putin says smart technology including smart tv sets are a New World Order invention

SMART technology is a tool being used by the New World Order to spy on you and we should be ‘very, very careful’ about how much SMART technology we allow into our lives, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The “genius” of the New World Order surveillance project lies in the fact that “consumers have been conned into paying out of their own pockets for the instruments that will spy on them and their families,” Putin said, speaking to an assembled tour group in the Kremlin last week.

The average American home is now rigged like a maximum security prison with surveillance in every room recording everything you say and do.”

Samsung has admitted that their SMART TVs listen and record customers’ every word, and that they send these recordings to unnamed third-party services.

Televisions and refrigerators are the most common household appliances to have incorporated wi-fi enabled SMART technology.  But there are plenty more innocent-seeming household appliances gaining popularity and they can all be used to spy on you – the dishwasher, toaster, and coffee maker in your kitchen, the clothes dryer in your laundry, the clock radio in your bedroom, your thermostat, garage door opener, security alarms, and door locks.  The list continues to grow.

Putin, who has a habit of meeting and greeting foreign tour groups in the Kremlin when his busy schedule allows, met the largely American group on Saturday and spent around 15 minutes mingling and discussing everything from the winter weather to the growing threat of SMART technology in our everyday lives.

Caroline DuBois of Raleigh, North Carolina, said Putin was warm and friendly and spoke much better English than he gets credit for.  ‘I asked him for one piece of advice to take home with me.  He said to be very, very careful of SMART technology.  Do not trust it.  The truth is starting to emerge.’

You may not have many of the internet-connected household items in your home (good for you) but they are without doubt increasing in popularity and are being pushed on vulnerable, unthinking consumers as must-have status symbols and ‘helpmates’ around the house.

But who are these ’helpmates’ actually serving, you or the New World Order?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Michelle E.

    Mr. Baxter, you are a LIAR! There’s ZERO evidence that Putin ever said anything about smart tv’s, 9/11 being an inside job, Rothschild naming him a traitor of the NWO, etc.

    You are INVENTING stuff and you should be ashamed. Your News Wire became The Onion because of you.

    You can easily prove me wrong by posting ONE source for the alleged claims.

  • https://youtu.be/cPaX3RahUqQ The Professor

    February 13th, 2016 Intel Chief Confirms Our Worst Nightmares: Home Smart Devices Are Ideal for Spying on You

    United States — Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated to the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Internet of Things (IoT) — so-called “smart” devices, vehicles, and appliances which employ various computer technologies — may be used to spy and keep tabs on people in the future.


  • Jae Garrett

    Left out Smart Meters….

  • Jane

    Russia put spy tech in the hotels that the Olympians were staying at.

  • Distressed7

    Good…I am supremely gladdened by the fact that the Imperial American Empire is now down for the count. And it is…it just has not caught up to the man at Wal-Mart yet.