Putin: Brexit Happened Because UK Politicians Are Arrogant

Putin has said that the Brexit vote happened due to the fact that UK politicians are becoming increasingly irrelevant

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that ‘Brexit’ took the British establishment by surprise due to their utter arrogance towards the British public.

According to Putin, the decision for Britain to leave the EU is an understandable one, as “no one wants to feed weak economies.” Russia does not plan to interfere with the results of the referendum, he said.

His comments come in reply to UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s warning that “Putin would be happy if the UK left the EU.”

Time.com reports:

“It seems to me understandable why this happened,” he said at a summit in Uzbekistan on Friday, Financial Times reports.

“Firstly, no one wants to feed and subsidize the weaker economies.”

“Evidently, people are not happy with the resolution of security issues, which have sharply deteriorated on the back of strong flows of migrants,” he continued.

He said the vote to leave was a result of “nothing other than arrogance and a superficial approach from the British leadership to issues that are vital to their country and to Europe as a whole.”

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    very true

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    Quite right.

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    – Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Tony Blair, former PM of the UK)

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      Still a better choice than what he is married to. 🙂

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