Prince Murder Cover-Up Emerges

There is a lot of misinformation flying around at the moment. Be careful what you believe. Prince deserves nothing less.

It is becoming increasingly clear there a is mainstream media cover up conspiracy about Prince's death. We are being being fed half truths and outright lies, and the official version of events being reported by the media is implausible to say the least. We need to start asking some questions. It is the very least Prince deserves.

It is becoming increasingly clear there is a mainstream media cover up conspiracy about Prince’s death. We are being being fed half truths and outright lies, and the official version of events being reported by the media is implausible to say the least. We need to start asking some questions. It is the very least Prince deserves.

Last Thursday TMZ took a break from their usual pastime of paying paparazzo to throw sand in celebrities’ faces so they can photograph the celebs looking pissed off and decided to break with tradition and report on some real news instead.  They broke the exclusive story of Prince’s tragic death – one hour after the legendary pop star passed away.

That’s right – a mere one hour after Prince died, TMZ had a complete back story, witnesses, photos, names, times, medical statements, 911 tape, and likely cause of death.

Is that even possible?  Or were TMZ fed the complete concocted story by their mysterious overlords, ready-packaged to be quickly and easily digested by the unsuspecting public?


Mainstream media quickly followed TMZ (a Time Warner company) and ran with the same convenient story.  At first they tried to convince us Prince was a junkie. Now they are suggesting he died of AIDS.

There is a lot of misinformation flying around at the moment. Be careful what you believe. Prince deserves nothing less. Let’s get to the bottom of this.


A comment was left on the TMZ article by user ‘T. Jackson’ outlining credibility problems within the article and the official version of events. This comment and follow up comments were swiftly deleted. Why are we being silenced by the news sources pushing the official version of events? What have they got to hide?

Here is T. Jackson’s censored comment:

(1) You can see by the reflection of the clouds in the rear window of the SUV and the lack of shadows, that this photo was taken midday in Minnesota. TMZ wouldn’t know because they are on the West Coast.

Prince outside Wallgreens

(2) The photo above is not the parking lot of Walgreens. Its most likely the back parking lot of the DMV office located at 4100 Lakeview Ave North, Robbinsdale, MN 55422, where Prince recently got his updated drivers license. You can search that address on Google and see it for yourself.

(3) Genesis Health Plex and Trinity regional deny that Prince was admitted to their hospital and neither dispatched emergency personnel to the Moline Airport at 1:00AM.

Prince's final performance before he was killed

(4) Prince just finished two performances in front of thousands of people who claim he was healthy, alive and sharp. Opiate addicts are not healthy and sharp and cannot sing and dance.

The truth is, Prince just completed his 50 page manuscript detailing his findings of the entertainment industry and those behind it and how they influence government.

Prince was a slave who outsmarted his masters.

He was taken out, in eerily similar circumstances to Michael Jackson. Do not believe the media cover up conspiracy.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at News Punch. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • commonlaw

    No one believes their murderous lies anymore. Yes,Prince did outsmart these monsters. And,yes it is time for the whole truth to be told-there have been many over the years-nothing but smears and blatant lies. Time for these vermin to be held accountable..Start with the nazi- queen. “Prince” you Sir,will not be forgotten. Chemtrails,the populace being sprayed everyday with toxic chemicals,experimenting,on people making them sick all the while big pharma ready to make them better. This is just a start!

  • Rocky Racoon

    Prince was taken out. He was spot on about chemtrails and such. …I think they waited after the Tavis interview until he got his catalog back…then let some time go by and kill Prince. ..

    So glad he recorded so many tracks………a 1000 unreleashed ones too…

    Prince is the Mozart of the 20th and 21st Century.

    No one regardless of genre has written, produced, arranged and recorded so much great music on addition to Prince’s genius mastery of 27 instruments.

    He is simply the greatest musician of all time. His guitar skills topped even Hendrix!

    RIP Prince


      Thanks so much for speaking truth. So tired of the negativity!

    • Panama Papers

      Why would they wait till he got this catalogue back?

      • Christy McKee

        So they could get it from Princes archives since he isnt there to stop them. Theres a whole lot of money to be had from his catalouge

        • Panama Papers

          They had control over his catalogue before they made the deal with him. There was nothing he could do to stop them then. Now they have no legal right over them. Why would you negotiate handing over a catalogue to an artist, then take him out and then not have any claim to it? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

        • Panama Papers

          And yes, he is absolutely one of the greatest musical forces on our earth ever. People will be talking about him and revering his work in 2-300 years time. What are the 27 instruments he could play? Voice, drums, bass, guitar – acoustic and electric, keyboards and what else? Do you know? I want to find out!

        • Christy McKee

          I dont think they had controll over his catalouges. Prince had been fighting that freedom for years. Hence his Paisly Park studio where Ive been led to believe he had all his work done. I believe all you stated is the exact opposite of the situation. Only time will tell. Prince was very enlightened. They may have took his skin and flesh of this life, but his spirit remains. If his spirit is unsettled it will be for a reason and he will get the truth out through someone… Ive personally experienced such an event from a friend who “committed suicide”. I was led to many things unknown that he wanted brought to light…

        • Panama Papers

          Why would they negotiate a deal where he got his masters back and THEN kill him? Now they do not have the rights to the masters and so do not stand to make the money from his catalogue and increased sales. If they wanted to kill him for the money from his catalogue they would have done it while they still had the masters. This just doesn’t add up.

          • Christy

            Look into a youtube video where Micheal Jackson outs Sony. Same shit as Prince.

          • David

            Because Prince didn’t know JayZ is part of that “group”. Tidal is the exclusive streaming service of Princes entire catalog. So guess what JayZ is doing now ? Yes, he just backstabbed the entire “black race”. He is selling out all of you and our love for Prince, so he can get billions in his account, while keeping “guess who” empowered. Look at Sony, they are a mega-entertainment powerhouse, but still not quite as powerful as WB, Comcast, etc,… mostly US and British Corporations. See how their media is shaping the world perception ! That was what at stake here, not really money, that is secondary, it was all about the power to control the masses perceptions. Anyway, research it, you can see for yourself. If JayZ keeps Tidal, eventually it will being a powerful Corporate Entity like Sony, and they can then share perceptions perhaps, those “others” don’t want the masses to know about.

        • David

          Yeah, and now JayZ is betraying Prince by selling Tidal which has the only exclusive streaming rights to Princes music. What a Traitor. It’s no wonder the “black race” can never get on par with other Media Corporations. Look at Sony, China and Singapore are also close behind the top 10. I thought JayZ was smart. smh

          • Christy

            JayZ is evil. He is the highest up as far as the music biz goes. As long as Beyobce, aka “Sasha Fierce stays a good slave she wont be a blood sacrifice. Madonna is the female highest up in the music biz. She “picked” Brittany Spears over Christina Agulara on an awards show several years ago. Dont guess Brittany got the just or realness of the situation. Its not a fun game, playing of house sorts. She sold her soul. Then she fell in love and had babies, didnt want it and we’ve all seen what happens then… People dont want to believe whats obvious right infront of their faces. All the symbols in these videos, all the shit they rap, the dances they do and people are chanting those chants and dancing those ritualistic dances, feeding the dark side. Aint no shit! We need more people to awaken to their spirit stop feeding the ego! Thats the only way to shine out any darkness! And Prince, he knew too much. And I, like Prince would die for my truth in every lifetime so far! Theres another side to witch craft. I dont care what ignorant people choose to believe. All those playing with the dark side, sold their souls, are prisoners. For ever. I hope they enjoy their big ego trip, material things, all that comes with that contract. There is an oath, doesnt matter which side you practice and doesnt matter if you take the oath or not, is a universal law for us all but more so when you choose to manipulate that energy. That oath is to harm none with thy craft, any harm i do will be returned to me, so mote it be! They are all their own worst enemies but that lying ego is doing what it does, decieving them!

          • Christy

            … Any harm i do will be returned to me times three (or thrice).. was typing too fast and left part of that out…

          • Rose Knepp

            They become idols and basically are worshipped!!! They must enjoy all of it.. like you say their egos!!! BUT It can destroy them too!!! All the spotlight… at the end of the day.. they are not god… not perfect and can’t handle the scrutiny!!!! People were never meant to be idolized!!! It is easy to do! I have idolized people BUT it is not good for me nor them!!! Worship belongs to God!

          • Lapri B

            I wish Prince had truly known that JayZ was not to ever be trusted. Prince trusted in God.

    • mysteryjesus

      No he wasn’t better than Hendrix. If he was it’s only because he had a lot more time. Hendrix lived only to 27 and he was responsible for countless innovations. Prince himself would tell you the same. That being said there’s no doubt Prince was a genius too, but to say he was better on guitar than Jimi is a stretch and not entirely accurate.

      • v4redrider

        It’s not a stretch. Both Hendrix and Prince would confirm this personally.

        • mysteryjesus

          Without Hendrix there would be no Prince. C’mon get real…

        • mysteryjesus

          I doubt it. Prince was great but he didn’t perform miracles like Jimi did.

          • Jade

            Oh, and what miracles did Hendrix perform?

          • mysteryjesus

            If you have to ask that question you ain’t never heard Jimi Hendrix live and in studio.

      • David

        I’d have to agree here. When you listen to Jimi’s compositions, however few, were very complex for the time. Even today it sets a precedent of excellence. On some bootleg rarities his playing is so sublime, it’s like a superior being had become one with their instrument. I believe at one point even Jimi said it was like the music was flowing through him and that he was just a conduit of this source. Prince was very close to sounding like him though, some of his solo’s are so compelling it makes you ask yourself, “my god is this the reincarnation of jimi”, but only at some points in his guitar playing.

      • Jeanne Lazzaro

        My opinion, Prince was def better on guitar than Jimi was!!!! You should look at some of Princes’ concerts, and you’ll see for yourself!!!!

    • boyboyduff

      I knew prince Personally 2 guys from my own band called the US BAND Prince took then and put them in a band called The Maserati Marvin Gunn and Tony Christian he looks just like prince but prince never used any Drugs drink liquor he was serious and he was a great Player 1st he wasn’t near as Good as Hendrix 2nd our Guitar player Blew Prince off the map matter of Fact prince got Mad and Black Ball him from Minneapolis Minnesota I liked prince a Lot But what people ain’t saying and its the Truth was Prince was a real Ass Hole he is also very very hard to Work with its like he wanted everything perfect but I believe something strange happened like they really killed him he was good but not near the Best

      • Andrea Gerak

        That’s one long sentence, I would’t even bother trying to grasp what are you saying…

      • Kyla Ewing

        I think the Prince you speak of was the Prince during his “early years”. He even said himself that he regretted things he did in his early years (his ego, sexually explicit songs etc.) I also read that he could be “mean and nasty” during the “Purple Rain” era. I don’t doubt it — fame does change a person. Prince “grew up” and matured into a fine Man. He was always competitive by nature — he said so himself. He liked winning, whether it was a game of basketball, ping-pong, or playing an instrument, etc. You can’t deny he was an incredible talent. He achieved more in his short lifetime than most of us could only dream about.

        • David

          Totally agree with this. Prince was still very young. He had not yet the wisdom to discern his actions back then. As an older man, now he knows. I believe that’s the path in life we all must experience. Well, not quite like Princes though. 🙂

      • Jade

        Meticulous Perfectionists only seem difficult to non -perfectionists. Does not qualify them as difficult.

        • Laur Frances

          You are correct … I too was often told I am a Meticulous perfectionist.. I believe Prince raised the bar all the time no matter who he played with whether he played solo or with different bands.. Prince was his own Masterpiece.! like directing of his own Orchestra .. Making sure it was perfect and who knows maybe there were times when it wasn’t and he knew …. and just kept going … because the fans craved what he put out there and Prince flourished from it… just remember back when he first started he competed along with so many bands to be the best.. 🙂

      • Jade

        And what is wrong with perfectionism? More people should strive for it, we’d be a much better society.

      • Jade

        What you described about him being difficult is classic behavior of a Perfectionist.

      • Rose Knepp

        I imagine he was hard to work with… He was a perfectionist! I have a musical family who constantly strive to do better!!! So it may not be easy to deal with people like that, but it is what makes them become the artists they are!!!

  • Mr Ironheart

    Thank you for this this. Prince was a brave soul who spoke out about the corrupt system we live in. This system is controlled by the evil media. On April 4 2016 Prince tweeted about the panama papers (Amy Goodman). This is a huge huge scandal he exposed. I invite you peeps to research this. This tweet has yet been deleted but soon thereafter he started getting “sick”. There are many poisons that can act like the “flu” and Cannot be traced. This crap about him taking Opiates is completely absurd.. I can attest that Prince led a clean life And he despised western toxic Meds.. If they find any drugs in his system please know he’s a victim. Please don’t let the media feed you lies and pray for truth and justice. Listen to Princes song ” thieves in the temple”.


    EXACTLY…………..! If U listen to his last shows… he never missed a note!!! -NO FLU/THROAT/CHEST/ SYMPTOMS!!! Did he get vaccinated? because the push propaganda, that it must be Flu..only leads ONE PLACE.. and he was passed out so we really Dont KNOW.. what they did while he was UNCONSCIENCE. OR APPARENTLY WHERE HE WAS!!!! Just that He was using a KNOWN Banksters – Jet Company!!!! WE DO KNOW… he died shortly after, with *people hanging around.. weeks before? he had not been in contact with.. over 15 yrs!!! –Suddenly taking Control! and, add to this, THE VULTURES.. Memorials from exfriends, HE Ditched, 20 yrs, ago! HIS PHONES AND COMPUTERS ALL MISSING.. but, pills in his pocket for police to find!!!!?? How CONVENIENT!!!! Cause the ROCK STAR DRUG OD.. IS THE TRENDY WAY TO GO, RIGHT???? LIES!!!! COVERUP!!!! Prince would sue an ANT.. crossing his sidewalk.. So NO WILL???? HARD TO BELIEVE.. DO I believe EX LAWYERS??? Laughable.. But, I NOTICED, ALL OF U SEEM TO BE ”MARKETING” …..THE SAME LIES.. For the SAME reasons! **NO HELL IS HOT ENOUGH FOR ANY OF U.

    • Christy McKee

      Theyre trying to make him out as a horrible business man because he had no will. I really dont see anyone in America believing the man was a bad business man ontop of being a junkie. Crazy about the elevator being the devil in one of his songs. It was the queen of Englands birthday… I knew something was up when I heard about his supposed stop at a hospital in Illinois (i believe), canceled a concert was intially reported and suspected heart problems i thought they reported on that. Afew days before they killed him…

      • Linda Anderson

        it is possible he died from a heart attack after taking percocet for so long for pain. It was also reported he was not eating or drinking water which was why he was so dehydrated.

        • Christy McKee

          I really dont believe any of that personally. Who said he was dehydrated? What toxicology report. Sounds like no tests were done he was almost instantly creamated. Theres an awful lot of strange things surrounding all of his death. You can deny it all you want. Ill not deny the evil that exists in this world.

          • MyPersonal-photogpage Eam

            You need to read. When his plane landed for an emergency, they must have drew blood because it was said he was dehydrated, with a low blood count, and iron deficient. Prince said so himself that he needs to be reminded to drink water, because he was hospitalized for dehydration. Wehen you are dehydrated and taking percocet, your blood pressure drops, and respiratory slows.

        • mysteryjesus

          His chef said he wasn’t drinking much water and asked for foods that were easier to digest due to stomach problems.

          • Jade

            So why did hus chef state he made a roasted beet Salas dish the night before? Initially that chef stated Prince seemed on good health then days later switched to saying the opposite.

          • Jadejaded

            Yet that same chef prepared a harsh salad for Prince the night before he was allegedly found in his elevator.

      • Jade

        If he did not officially have a will (which I too find hard to believe ) , look to his songs for one.

    • Linda Anderson

      well, they will know in the Toxicology reports if Percocet was found in his blood and what the levels are if it resulted in death. It is reported there were only 3 people in the house. No evidence has come out yet who was in the house besides the chef and his assistant, and the doctor’s son.

      • Paul P.

        One psychic claims one of the chefs put high concentrations of some substances (perhaps pain meds mixed with poisons) in his fruit juice the night before he died. So there were some in his inner circle who betrayed him.

      • Jade

        If any drugs show in his toxicology results, u can believe they were force on or in him.

    • Ace Maxx


    • Missy

      Ooh I love this response. ..ABSOLUTELY. RIGHT!! People, especially the ones who think they’re in charge, dont realize whats done in the dark Always comes to the light. They will have to answer one day. Big Dummies think that this life/world is the end all and be all. But its not. What r u gonna do on judgment day? Your devilish antics wont work…gonna spend eternity in hell. They should realize there have been many people throughout life who’ve thought they’ve got away with things only to see years later it catches up. In the words of Fred Sanford…You Big Dummy!

    • Kyla Ewing

      Wait a minute…….his phones and computers are all missing? There is obviously a cover-up going on. I think the police were told to keep quiet about the investigation. The media just spreads lies. Where are pictures of the Coroner removing his body from Paisley Park? How convenient……there was no “media” coverage when that was going on, but they have picture of him outside Walgreen’s? That wasn’t Walgreen’s either, BTW. Also, notice how TMZ is the first to report any of this……..what happened to CNN? Just sayin……

      • Patricia Busutil

        I saw a picture of the crime scene, the elevator, and there were drops of blood all over the floor, If Prince died of an OD, WHY was there blood on the floor of the elevator, It’s been bothering me for several days now after seeing it

        • Kyla Ewing

          Those photos were fake. So much fake news on the internet. There are rumors out there that say he was shot and there was blood found at the scene and he had bruises/injuries to his body. There is definitely a cover up going on. We may never know the truth, unfortunately.

  • Wanda Gettinfitforlife Smith

    Its something suspicious going on for sure! I hold him in the highest regard and do no accept he was an addict at all!!!!

  • angelicvh

    Great Story, and I think there is something going on with the death absolutely…

    • Virdrago

      I am not one to jump on conspiracy theories, but from the beginning I felt like there was something very off about this.

  • Cee Sims

    Prints was a good one, untimely death

    • DJ SMOKE

      Prints…? Really??? #Facepalm Its Prince not Prints …. lol

      • Dumas911

        I sure it was an innocent auto correct. I HOPE it was anyway.

    • Jared Lowe

      double facepalm… prints huh smh…… God Bless This World please!!

    • realeyesrealizereallies

      lol prints. prince, dear >_<

  • Coraline

    The simptoms he was showing i.e. flu, nausea and dramatic weight loss are exactly what a ricine poisoning simptoms looks like. I truly think he was poisoned. They took him out.

    • Jim Porter

      and exactly what opiate addiction looks like too…but hey let’s go with the batshit crazy ideas first

      • Linda Anderson

        very true Jim. Prince even complained of pains in his stomach, that also comes with opiate dependence. The body is craving more of the drug. Could be one reason why he was seen 4 times in the week seeking out the drug so they think he was visiting Walgreens. (Walgreens sign was in the background)

    • Paul P.

      Bingo….a few psychics have said the same thing…..poisoned.

  • Judie

    Finally something worth reading. I truly believe we are living in the last days. Prince was killed and I suspect the ‘pwers that be’ penetrated his inner circle, killed him and hid that will.

    • Linda Anderson

      why would they hide a will unless it was a family member. There would be no benefit to hiding a will that they were not a part of.

  • Sad people in this world

    I am so glad people are opening their eyes. The Illuminati is REAL. Prince was a very smart brother they could not keep him silenced !!! praying for us all in this WICKED system ……

    • Ace Maxx


      • Rose Knepp

        I knew it was a crucial time for the sacrifice of the beast!!! It is from April 19th thru may 1st and I wondered who would end up dead??? I never thought of Prince!!! :'(

  • BayAreaCAMale

    This is the first thing that popped into my mind.

    Its odd how more people do not see the connection. The good people keep dying in weird circumstances, yet the douche bags live on. It fucking sucks. Prince was a Jehovah’s Witness, a follower of the truth.
    The good-human celebrities and other influential people we have lost:

    Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson
    Paul Walker
    Robin Williams
    Steve Jobs
    Brittany Murphy
    Phillip Seymour

    • realeyesrealizereallies

      this has been going on since the beginning. dont forget to add to your list:

      Janis Joplin
      Jimi Hendrix
      Otis Redding
      Sam Cooke
      Kurt Cobain
      Whitney Houston

      notice how they all have drugs or ‘incidents’ plaguing them in their mysterious deaths.

      • BayAreaCAMale

        Yup. They keep stephen hawkin alive but somehow young healthy people die suddenly.

        I almost forgot Princess Diana.
        Dr Judy Wood, William Cooper, and several 9/11 investigators.

        • Jade

          Not to mention Mr. Demonic himself , Rockefeller, who’s had several heart transplants to keep his disgusting self here.

          • BayAreaCAMale

            I wasn’t aware of that one.

      • Rose Knepp

        Whiteny and Bobbi Kristina both!!! SO weird!!!!!

    • mysteryjesus

      Yes the good people do die and the evil people live because the evil ones have strength in numbers. Individuals who are highly intelligent get ganged up on and conspired against yet they get called the conspiracy theorists! There is a lot of evil in this world if you don’t play by the rules; rules that often don’t exist for any good reason. All this says to me is that humanity as a whole will end up destroying themselves. The herd mentality is too much for our species to overcome and the ruling class are destroying the earth and all of it’s inhabitants.

    • Dumas911

      I wouldn’t consider M. Jackson, Paul Walker, Robin Williams, Biggie, Tupac, Joplin, Hendrix, Redding, and Houston being weird circumstances.

      Michael-Killed by Dr. because he was star struck, and gave him whatever he asked for to help his insomnia.

      Walker-Simple car accident.

      Robin Williams-Very sad battle with depression that he lost.

      Biggie/Tupac-100% involvement by Suge Knight. I don’t think he expected they’d shoot Pac while he was in the car though, which is why he was with him.

      Joplin/Hendrix-Died of drugs during a very experimental time in drug culture. Surprised there weren’t dozens more who OD’d.

      Redding-Unfortunate plane accident killing 7/8 people. Same happened to Richie Valens/Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly.

      Whitney Houston- BOBBY BROWN!!! Talk about asshole guys getting the girl. He destroyed that beautiful soul of a woman with drugs, domestic abuse, and character assassination. I don’t believe for a second he wasn’t with her when she OD’d. Damn shame about their daughter, but that’s karma and I don’t believe Nick had a think to do with it. Unless he’s a serial killer, killed both of them, and the OD in the tub was going to be his M.O.

      • Rose Knepp

        Whitneys death and her daughters is very suspicious!!! Whitney had drug problems before Bobby Brown!!! Her brother introduced her to drugs long before Bobby Brown and admitted it!!! Bobby may not have helped matter but he didn’t start it!! Even Whitney admitted he didnt start her on drugs!!!! I enjoyed her and loved her music as much as anyone but between Whitney and her brother.. they both took responsibility for her drugs issues!

  • CJ

    “Opiate addicts are not healthy and sharp and cannot sing and dance.” This statement is false, look at Keith Richards. I myself take an amount of methadone each day equal to a 300$ bottle of lean and you wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell you

    • kd

      Yeah you can’t tell if someone is an opiate user, unless they are a major feen and let themselves go. And some people need the meds opiates just to be able to dance and sing. Not cause they’re high but just to be able to function, cause they have pain is a reason to take them. People have no clue what they’re talking about. Just as I was told once how people who use marijuana are the ones that end up living in their patents basement, don’t work or have a thing! Lmao there are people who own businesses and use marijuana and are successful!!

      • Beberocks21

        I agree Opiate pain meds are a necessity for some (especially with the bs it takes to get a mmj card in some places.) You’ve also got major stoner, party pill popping coke heads in big business they’re the ones who can afford it and the publicists to cover it up. The only thing I see as being off is that the man had no will. He obviously was not ignorant (or he wouldn’t have a vault full of his legacy hidden) so I find that hard to believe. I also know that if he was doing opiates heavily and coke he would have had a heart attack early with the amount of physical activity he did on stage. Those are just my observations.

        • Jade

          His will was stolen. Count on it. Or it could be revealed in his songs in the vault. This has corruption, cover up , murder and greed all over it.

    • Petrarch

      Err…Keith Richards can’t sing or dance. He ain’t healthy and he certainly ain’t sharp. He’s alive, yes. That is amazing in itself.

    • Dumas911

      Agreed. I have to take 360mg of OxyContin a day to live a somewhat normal life due to serious back injuries. I still work, and function with no problem. Matter a fact they don’t even make me feel high or altered at all.

      They stated he was having stomach trouble, and dehydrated…well anyone that’s been on powerful opiates will tell you that they often cause bad constipation which results from not just the effect of the drug on intestinal movement, but it draw water out of your body as well.

      He had hip surgeries in the past so he had a valid reason to begin taking pain meds. Autopsy says he OD on Fentanyl which is 50-100 times more powerful than morphine. It’s very easy to do when taking that drug as I had a cousin who did the same thing.

      Idk if “they” killed him, but something does feel like it’s being covered up! There’s got to be a will somewhere, and if he did in fact have AIDS (many function normally today with AIDS, especially peeps with money) then I’m sure they would rather say he died of OD vs dying from AIDS.

      • Rose Knepp

        He didnt have Fentanyl in his blood earlier when they took him to hospital a week before he died!!! I am guessing he got laced with it somehow!!!

  • Virdrago

    I’m not one to jump on conspiracy theories, but from the beginning I’ve felt like there was something very off about Prince’s sudden death. At first I thought perhaps, being a HUGE Prince fan, that I was just in denial, but I am now convinced something is a miss here. I could MAYBE believe that Prince was in a great deal of pain from his hips and knees and needed pain meds to cope, and perhaps accidentally overdosed himself, but…let’s look at this…we have a lawyer coming forward claiming two of Prince’s siblings both separately told him that Prince abused both pain pills and COCAINE regularly for years (Which two siblings? Conveniently the two deceased ones that can’t be here to confirm or DENY the allegations!) Then there is the drug dealer, Doctor D (sounds trustworthy) who has also come forward stating Prince was buying pain pills and patches from him regularly for nearly 25 years, from 1984 to 2008, spending $40,000 a pop for a six months supply, and that Prince couldn’t perform on stage unless he was high!?!? Are you freakin’ kidding me??? So, really…these people are trying to convince us that Prince has been high as a kite for over 30 years, pretty much spanning nearly his entire career, and was able to write, produce, play, and perform, like he did for all those years on a scale far beyond that of any of his contemporaries (and that’s putting it lightly). Actually, I feel Prince out worked and out performed any other person ever to walk the face of this Earth, and he did it all while being completely wasted on pain pills and drugs, and in addition, NO ONE, not his close friends or family or band members, NO ONE from the past thirty years, other than Doctor D and this lawyer, have come forward to state they have EVER witnessed any drug abuse on his part?!?! And just for good measure, they’re also gonna throw in that Prince was also dying of full blown AID’s and refused treatment because he said “God would heal” him!
    So, we should believe he would take meds for a terminal illness, but he damned sure would take an ass load of pain pills. How stupid do they think we are???

  • Jim Porter

    Wow!! My favorite line is this one: “Opiate addicts are not healthy and sharp and cannot sing and dance.”

    Oh REALLY?! So many rockstars past, present and future that are major opiate addicts that “sing and dance” every god-damn day.

    Author knows nothing about addicts or addiction.

  • Linda Anderson

    did PRINCE have security surveillance outside Paisley Park? That would show who dropped him off at 8:00PM to his home after seeing a jazz artist sing. How long was he dead in the elevator? Does anyone know? Did he walk in the elevator after returning home the night before and died, or did he die in the early morning hours? That information is not being released. Was he warm or cold in the elevator? How ironic that a doctor’s son arrived the same time that he died. That is somewhat suspicious. What prompted the Rep to call the doctor? How is Warner Brothers releasing his music? confused. Did he make a new deal with Warner Brothers because I read somewhere he resigned with them. Whoever he was getting those Percocet from, its possible it was laced with something that killed him,or it just took its toll, in addition to him not eating or drinking. He was probably very dehydrated, and his iron levels were reported as low. (he didn’t eat red meat) How did they know his iron levels were low? He must have been given a blood test at emergency, and was put on an IV for dehydration. It’s so sad that we lost this man.

  • Linda Anderson

    I clicked on the address, that is not the same photo.

  • Musicbizfraud

    Prince didn’t have a Will or sign contracts because he seen how tMichael Jackson signature was cut and paste from another document onto the Will they said Michael signed personally in California. When the fact is he was in New York with Al Sharpton & Johnny Cochran. Some of the family members claim the will is a fraud. [Proof]

  • Robbie Mesler

    Well just the other day I was offered “free Tobacco” which tasted as if it was laced with heavy metals. A few days later, a man offered me a smoke that he claimed he had to repair. I took it and threw it in the trash. Prior to this there were always accidents happening around me. The water heater leaks into your bedroom causing mold, the sink leaks into the basement, etc. My jobs always seem to require me to work around toxins such as mold or fiberglass.

    I have to be honest. There are many sociopaths in this society. I have gone to church only to hear about someone’s masturbation and porn problems. I have had multiple vehicle problems/accidents. They are monitoring people 24/7 and claiming that it’s for God. In reality it’s blackmail, manipulation, control, money, usury, revenge often times. By using your own mistakes against you they feel warranted to punish you. This is why celebrities contract HIV, develop planned disease, overdose or commit suicide so often. It’s planned punishment for their sin” or just for someone elses gain. Their slavery never ends. They have all of the information that they need now to induce disease through toxins or set you up and make everything your fault, because of your “risky” behavior. Reality isn’t negativity

  • Debbie Singley

    I have to believe it was someone inside his circle that killed him!!! I say it is so sad the elites kill these people left and right. I also have to believe Jade & Judie ideas…….I even heard and EVP of him saying he was poisoned….Another great artist gone before his time!!!

    • Kyla Ewing

      Many people believe it was his sister, Tyka, his chef and Kirk Johnson, who worked very closely with Prince. I don’t think we will ever know the truth about what really happened to Prince in his final days. I pray to God that there will be justice for Prince.

  • Oliver Berger

    it’s so obvious he was killed. the new WB contract containing the clause of ‘in case something happens to him…’, the date and it’s implication, the ‘elevator’ and his use of this term in ‘let’s go crazy’, his comments on chemtrails, the constitution, abraham lincoln, 911, the bailout…it’s endless. he was arole model for thousands of musicians and he was the one dude that had the nerve to fight or the rights of artists in the recording industry. then the thing about him being found with his clothes on back to front. and nobody can tell me, that an artist, that was so protective of his work and handled a enterprise housing so many musicians, handling charity projects and stuff like that does not have a will …no way! just a look at the video of ‘face down’ is speaking volumes.

    the most creepy part for me personally is, that i saw it coming, as soon i heard about that contract. and i don’t even start with all that stuff about baal doorway, the queen and all that…I’m not just talking about a musician i know nothing about…i am a P-fan since 1982, saw him live a couple of times, and i’ve learned a lot about him in a long time, yes, i really do think he was murdered!

    • Kyla Ewing

      I agree with everything you say. Since the day he passed, none of this has sat right with me. We may never have the answers.

  • Paul P.

    Hi all,…ok….googling for the latest info. on the criminal investigation behind Prince’s death….do not bring up much results. Anyone have the latest findings? I heard there was a gag order on the trial, but not sure if that’s still ‘on’ for the time being. I hope there is closure soon and justice for Prince if there was any foul play at work here.

    • Kyla Ewing

      I have checked the Carver County Sheriff site and they haven’t updated anything. The estate still has not been settled amongst his siblings. It will be a year since he passed and we haven’t really learned anything new. I believe it’s all one big cover up and we may never know the truth about what really happened to Prince, unfortunately.