Previously Unseen 9/11 Footage – What Just Hit The Pentagon?

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Extraordinary rare and previously unseen footage of 9/11 attacks

This collection of 9/11 clips show previously unseen footage that raise some serious questions about the September 11th attacks. 

The close up of the plane flying into the WTC is incredible, as is the clip from the Pentagon showing what appears to be a cruise missile flying into it.

According to the video’s description:

How does one remove three buildings in the heart of the busiest city in the world, particularly when two of them are due for the removal of asbestos (both towers), without clearing the entire city (something ‘no one’ could afford), when it NEEDS to be done, ASAP? If you know the answer, you may find the motives behind 9/11.

You think it’s bad? We all know it’s bad, but it gets worse. Day one? If memory serves me correctly, one man representing the government and the tax payers steps up to tell the world ‘we’re being ripped off, monies in the trillions are gone, and we’re going to do something about it!”… the next day? Two towers and building 7 (the building that held all the paper work into the investigations into said ‘missing moneys’), were destroyed. You do the math, you be the judge.  

As for which direction you should go, in regards to making up your mind about 9-11? I leave the direction up to you. I’ve always pondered whether or not the planes that hit those towers were either rockets with holograms over them, or ?? You decide. Do you think energy weapons were used that day? I mean, those towers ‘melted,’ or did they?

The contents of this video be all speculation based on visual and accumulated data, over time. Any interpretations made by the viewer are merely to be taken upon as perspectives towards how valuable freedom truly is, is worth fighting for, and the amazing powers that go behind protecting said freedom. To what extent should freedom be fought for, is also left up to the opinions of the viewer.