President Putin Activates Giant “Doomsday” Sub with Nukes Capable of Creating ‘Radioactive Tsunamis’

Fact checked
Russian President Vladimir Putin activates doomsday sub, capable of deploying nukes that can create radioactive tsunamis

Russian President Vladimir Putin has activated Russia’s “doomsday” submarine, armed with underwater nuclear drones which are capable of creating “radioactive tsunamis” over a 1/3rd of a mile high.

The Belgorod, the first Project 09852 special purpose nuclear-powered submarine, was commissioned in the northern Russian city of Severodvinsk, according to U.S. Naval Institute News. It is capable of launching the Poseidon, an “Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo,” the largest torpedo ever created, according to naval expert H. I. Sutton. reports: The nuclear-armed torpedo is twice as large as submarine-launched ballistic missiles and 30 times larger than a standard torpedo.

The weapons system made headlines in May when Dmitry Kiselyov, a presenter for state-owned media company Russia-1, threatened to use the Poseidon to destroy the United Kingdom and Ireland in a nuclear tsunami. He said the weapon’s 100-megaton yield would produce a 500-meter high radioactive tsunami that would turn the British Isles into a radioactive desert, a claim disputed by Western experts.

The deployment of the massive submarine could mark an escalation in Russia’s war in Ukraine. As of Tuesday, Ukraine claims 36,350 Russian troops have been killed, and Russia says there have been 2,218 troops killed and 3,251 wounded in the Ukrainian armed forces. Both sides are incentivized to exaggerate the other nation’s damages.