Prescription Drugs Make You “Angry, Violent, Homicidal”, Study

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Prescription drugs could make you a killer

A large number of commonly prescribed prescription drugs may be to blame for violent, suicidal, jealous, and homicidal behaviour according to new research. 

Statins, a type of drug used to help lower cholesterol levels in the blood, is the cause of such extreme side effects – and it’s use is worryingly on the rise.

25 million Americans are already taking statins, with a further 13 million likely to take it in the near future.

With a potential 38 million jealous homicidal Americans on the loose, perhaps the big pharma industry don’t have our best interests at heart? reports: Researchers from the University of California found a link between statins and aggression, particularly in postmenopausal women over 45-years-old. Interestingly, women who were innately calm exhibited the most aggressive behavior when on statins.

A separate study out of Pennsylvania State University found that women taking birth control pills were more jealous (to the point of violence) towards their partners.

Men, on the other hand, were much less likely to exhibit “large increases in aggression,” says professor Beatrice Golomb, who led the statin research.

Statins not just for lowering cholesterol, but also used for acne, asthma and birth control

Published in the journal PLOS One, the study suggests that lower levels of cholesterol in the brain could be to blame for aggressive behavior, as the waxy fat-like substance enables brain cells to communicate, and can be adversely affected when lowered.

Proof of this lies in the case of violent prison inmates, many of which have lower levels of brain cholesterol.

“Professor Golomb says statins raise testosterone and cause sleep problems, which could tend to make people prone to irritability and aggression,” The Daily Mail reports.

Golomb has uncovered several cases in which individuals acted aggressive and violent after taking statins, including one instance in which a 59-year-old man, who had no prior history of violence, began chasing his wife, threatening to kill her. Six weeks after quitting the drug he returned to his “normal, placid self.”

David Healy, professor of psychiatry at Bangor University and an expert in the field of dangerous side-effects caused by common drugs, found that with the statin Lipitor, there were 310 reports of aggression and violence and 62 reports of homicidal behavior.

There were 309 reports of irritability, 256 reports of personality change and 68 of paranoia.