Pope Francis Says Don’t Talk To Satan, He Is More Intelligent Than Us

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During a televised interview Pope Francis warned that Satan is “more intelligent” than mortals and will “make your head spin.”

He said Satan is not a metaphor or a nebulous concept but a real person armed with dark powers and urged Christians not to let the Prince of Darkness into their heads: “He is evil, he’s not like fog. He’s not a diffuse thing, he is a person. One must not talk to Satan, if you start talking to Satan you are lost, he is more intelligent than us”

Speaking to Catholic broadcaster TV2000, the Pontiff said: “He always pretends to be polite – he does it with priests, with bishops. That’s how he enters your mind. But it ends badly if you don’t realise what is happening in time. We should tell him, ‘go away”

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The head of the Roman Catholic Church regularly mentions the Devil both in public and on twitter and uses a variety of terms to refer to him, including the Evil One, the Seducer, Beelzebub, the Ancient Serpent and the Great Dragon.

His latest warning comes just days after he called for a change to the wording of the Lord’s prayer because it implies that God induces temptation, when it is really the Devil.

The pontiff’s comments also come nine months after he urged priests to use exorcism if they hear confessions indicating demonic activity.

He said that priests should exercise caution when determining whether a person is suffering from a mental disorder or demonic influences, advising them to work with psychological professionals when coming to a decision.