Pope Francis: Populism Leads To Hitler

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Pope Francis slams nationalism, saying it leads to Hitler

Pope Francis has warned against the rise of populism during a speech at the Vatican on Tuesday, comparing it to Hitler and Nazi Germany. 

“It is important that young people should know how populism is born. I think of Hitler last century, who had promised the development of Germany. That we know how populism starts: by sowing hate. You can’t live sowing hate,” Pope Francis warned.

Voiceofeurope.com reports: According to the religious leader more should be taught to young people about the history of World Wars, “so that they do not fall into the same mistake and know how populism spreads.”

The pope made his remarks after a woman told him that she teaches refugees Italian and that she is worried about the anti-migrant sentiment.

Francis noted that while the people teaches people to welcome refugees, national governments do have the right to limit migration.

“This is why it is important for all of Europe to strike a deal on this problem,” he said.

He referred to the fact that countries like Italy, Spain and Greece shouldn’t be left with a larger share of refugees than other European Union member states.