Pope Francis Calls For ‘One World Government’ To ‘Save Humanity’

Pope Francis called for “a one world government” and "political authority" this week, arguing that the creation of the one world government is needed to combat major issues such as “climate change.”

Pope Francis called for “a one world government” and “political authority” this week, arguing that the creation of the one world government is needed to combat major issues such as “climate change.”

Speaking with Ecuador’s “El Universo” newspaper, the Pope said that the United Nations doesnt have enough power and must be granted full governmental control “for the good of humanity.”

But what is raising eyebrows is the Pope’s call for a new global political authority. Here is more from the Guardian:

Pope Francis will this week call for changes in lifestyles and energy consumption to avert the “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem” before the end of this century, according to a leaked draft of a papal encyclical. In a document released by an Italian magazine on Monday, the pontiff will warn that failure to act would have “grave consequences for all of us”.

Francis also called for a new global political authority tasked with “tackling … the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions”. His appeal echoed that of his predecessor, pope Benedict XVI, who in a 2009 encyclical proposed a kind of super-UN to deal with the world’s economic problems and injustices.

The word “globalization” means exactly what it says. It is the process of transitioning the world into a global government. Religious leaders are playing their part in this great deception.

David Rockefeller famously said that a “global crisis” would have to occur before the people of the world would be willing to accept a New World Order. When the world economy suffered a dramatic crash in 2008, world leaders again proclaimed the need for a New World Order with global financial control.

As demonstrated by Pope Francis, climate change and the global warming hoax is now the global elite’s preferred method of scaremongering, as they attempt to shepherd humanity closer to unified totalitarian rule.

[WikiLeaks: Obama, Clinton, Soros Overthrew Pope Benedict In Vatican Coup]

Disturbingly, world religious leaders are also beginning to come together as one to preach from the same hymn sheet, instructing their sheep to accept the components of the New World Order’s one world government.

In case you missed it, world leaders from a diverse collection of religious communities called for world unity in a video message released last week.

The call for a world government, led by Pope Francis, Ayatollah Al-Milani, the Dalai Lama and Rabbi Abraham Skorka, is seen as a major step on the road to the New World Order that was prophesied over 2,000 years ago.

The world religious leaders came together on June 14 to make a joint statement through a video calling on people to embrace ideas of friendship and unity, and to overcome negativity and division in society.

In reality, the call for global government by Pope Francis and other wealthy elitists has nothing to do with lifting up impoverished nations or “saving humanity.” Such a government would instead guarantee global surveillance, global wealth inequality and a world run by the exact corrupt interests currently consolidating wealth and power worldwide.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Tell ya what, Francis. How about you deal with removal of the CROSS from all churches, Christian homes and jewellery. As you say, Jesus we not crucified, therefore the cross is a meaningless (possibly pagan) symbol. We know why you are pushing this NWO Agenda 21 program and that is because it calls for only ONE RELIGION, and you think it will be YOURS. Sorry for you; ain’t gonna happen.

  2. This “Pope” is a traitor and an enabler for the Elites who want to impose Totalitarianism and Fascism upon the people of the world. He is truly a dangerous and disingenuous creature.

    • NO. it’s run by Jesuits who organized themselves to, by stealth, put the world under Vatican control. You you are a LIAR. It has nothing to do with Jews.

      • You are correct and I would like to publicly admit my mistake. The Jesuits are possibly worst that the Jews.

        • The Jesuits are the most evil society on planet earth, but there are American liberal Jews who work with them. They are called Papal Court Jews. American Jews are anti-White and want to end the White race. Google Barbara Lerner Spectre for some insight into that cult of evil Jews. The Jews in Israel are NOT our enemy and they live in fear for their lives because of the Muslim terrorist squatters in Palestine.

          • What a load of BS you silly woman, who controls the Worlds Media, World Banks and Banking Systems, Hollywood Movie Industry, Education Systems and Academia, Political Parties and Political Systems, Law and Justice Systems, Foreign Policies and so on?

          • You are correct and it’s high time we all knew this!! History gives proof, over and over….J.A.WYLIE, “The History of the Protestant Reformation” Look up on you tube and find several videos of this book being read……about the jesuits and the papacy.

          • Thanks for the information But, Roman Catholics deny this fact. The Society of Jesus is responsible for assassinations, the sinking of the Titanic and the Hiroshima. It is the most satanic group on planet earth.

          • I know. Have you read much on these subjects? Sounds like you have. I have read now fewer than 8 books on this subject and now reading the History of Protestanism by Merle D’Abigne, 1800’s. The video I pointed you to is history from a well credited author. More people are finding this is true.

          • Fifty Years in the “church’ of Rome by Charles Chiniquay, The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop among others

          • I read the Chiniquay book but not the other. I read Karen Frazier Romero’s books, 3 of them and last summer read two volumes of PD Stuart, Code Barbelon, among a few others. Washington in the Lap of Rome too. I heard that the Two BABYLONS IS GOOD. i WILL AHVE TO READ IT. i AM PRESENTLY INTO A SEVEN VOLUME SET OF HISTORY AND THAT WILL TAKE ME A very LONG TIME!!! History really is telling. I am studying Revelation also, in detail, from the historicist view which is the Reformed view rather than the jesuit view of futurism. Very enlightening. Nice to meet you!!

          • Wow LL. You are certainly serious about your studies. You might also read Dave Hunt’s “A Woman Rides the Beast”. And then there three more you might be interested in. “Jesuit Plots from Elizabethan to Modern Times” Albert Close and “The Suppressed Truth About the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” by Burke McCarty. Remember that Charles Chiniquay referenced the Jesuit hatred for Lincoln.
            God bless your studies.

          • Ha! You are right about that! It is all so interesting, not to mention that it all may be affecting us in more ways than we know right now. Thanks for the book suggestions. I wrote them down and will look into them. I did read McCarty’s book on the Assassination of Lincoln. I have read a few period or other books about Lincoln, thus the moniker.! I get a lot of flack from people about Lincoln….but they don’t really know who he was. Happy 4th!

        • They are the head of the snake and the authors of every evil. Know your history and you would not say these things. Where do you think every secret society and Marxism came from!

          • there are many historys in ancient times, whos do you believe? remember, the winners always right common history, if the Jesuits were indeed a threat and so powerful, what makes you think they would allow all these books to be published and sold? The Jesuits are just a scapegoat as are all abrahamic religions for those with the real power.

      • Yeah, the Jesuits have infiltrated Christianity but not the Jews right? you are tripping if dont you think all Abrahamic religions are now control by them. The truth is further back in history then the Abrahamic religions created in a modern world by humans. The Abrahamic religions are all false and only speak of half truths to control the people with fear and an angry God etc.

  3. And i call for the fair trial and fair hanging of all zionist pedophile one worlders, elites and priest.

  4. The Fake Pope bought and paid for my George Soros and elitist scum who want more power over everything. All you top world leaders need to go find a bunch of animals to screw over because you are not fooling people with your phony BS>

  5. Do you wonder why the Pope does not criticize Israel? My mistake, only if Christians are being spat on or run out of town. Here is the quick answer, the Israelis are fulfilling the prophecy of the Bible, so bless them.

    • Bullshit. Let me guess. You idiots are the Christian Fundy morons who think the rapture is about to happen right? LOL! You morons don’t understand the Bible at all. Good day.

      • Haha yeah sure we don’t, let me guess “Gods chosen people”? It’s you who is not following the correct teachings of the bible.
        8:44 Jesus told the Jews
        “Ye are of your father the devil and the lust of your father ye will do”
        Thessalonions 2:14, 2:15, 2:16
        Matthew 27:24, 27:25, 27:26
        God drove Jews from the Holy lands several times and the bible actually says promises the Holy lands to all the tribes and people who believe in him
        Genesis 15:18, 15:19, 15:20, 15:21
        Jesus told the Jews that Satan was their father
        John 8:37, 8:38, 8:39, 8:40, 8:41, 8:42, 8:43, 8:44

        Pope Francis is a false prophet as he said that on Judgement day Jews can automatically get to heaven without believing in Jesus which is a lie.
        John 14:6
        Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”

        • Yup. Another Fundy moron. Francis is a Marxist hiding behind a priest’s collar. Is a piece of shit and an idiot but then so are you. Learn to read.

          • Hi and to weigh in on this subject I think it is important to have respect for each other and dissect what the scriptures have to say about Israel and consider the prophetic end. The common ground we should all share is the love of Christ and that is to be for even our enemies and it is certainly hypocritical to name the name of Jesus and call each other names. I see Israel is also Jacob that is a key to understanding the futuristic view of prophecy. God made an unconditional covenant with Abraham regarding the land and that through Abraham’s seed all of the world would be blessed. In Jeremiah God promised a new covenant for the removal of sins. Jesus took the cup and said this is the new covenant made in my blood. The blood of animals never removed sin it was always by faith as the scriptures spoke of Abraham that he believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. The sacrifice on the day of atonement was a prophetic ritual. Jacob means heal grabber and Israel means governed by God. The fact that we are under the new covenant does not eliminate the covenant God made with Abraham unconditionally for his descendants to have the land of Canaan as an eternal possession. The futurist takes literally the many promises that all will have failed unless the prophetic destiny of the return of Israel rise of antichrist and 7 year tribulation come to pass. In Luke 1 for instance Zacharias spoke by the Holy Spirit when he named John and his tongue was loosed.
            “Blessed is the Lord God of Israel,

            ​​For He has visited and redeemed His people,

            69 ​​And has raised up a horn of salvation for us

            ​​In the house of His servant David,

            70 ​​As He spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets,

            ​​Who have been since the world began,

            71 ​​That we should be saved from our enemies

            ​​And from the hand of all who hate us,

            72 ​​To perform the mercy promised to our fathers

            ​​And to remember His holy covenant,

            73 ​​The oath which He swore to our father Abraham:

            74 ​​To grant us that we,

            ​​Being delivered from the hand of our enemies,

            ​​Might serve Him without fear,
            75 ​​In holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life.

            If you note the specifics of this Zacharias states Jesus is a horn or leader of salvation for delivering Israel from all their enemies and from that point on they would worship and serve in holiness and righteousness all the days of their lives. He notes the covenant to Abraham is still in effect. Instead Israel was destroyed in 70AD and not delivered. In Acts 1 the disciples ask Jesus is at this time he would restore the kingdom to Israel. Jesus answered that this thing the Father has kept under his own authority. In Daniel 2 we see the stone cut without hands is supposed to come down and crush the image of the kingdoms of man and leave no trace of it. this stone becomes a mountain and a kingdom that will have no end. Satan tempted Jesus and offered him all the kingdoms of the world at a time if Jesus would bow down to him. In revelation we see the angels proclaim that the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ and He shall reign forever. Revelation shows that when the Lord takes over Satan is bound for 1000 years. It says those who were beheaded at that time will live and reign for the 1000 years and that Satan who deceived the nations will be bound for 1000 years and the nations will not be deceived again until he is released.
            Zechariah 14 ties all these loose ends together as this chapter shows the 2nd coming of Jesus descending as the stone cut without hands. He is coming with his saints. He delivers Israel just as Luke 1 promised. It says in the that day the LORD is king over all the earth. It says that the LORD’s feet will stand on teh MT of Olives and it will split in two and anew valley will form. It says a new river will flow from Jerusalem year round. It says the LORD will melt his enemies and that it will happen on that day it will be light at night. It shows events continue on earth from that point on all the naitons must come and keep the feast of Tabernacles or they will get not rain. And most importantly it says in that day they will say “the LORD is one”. In this whole chapter it is Jehova being used for LORD and this is clearly Jesus 2nd coming. Israel now sees Jesus and Jehova as the one God. This is what Paul promised when he said blindness in part has come to Israel until….Until this moment. Israel is delivered form their enemies and from this point on will serve the LORD in righteousness and holiness all the days of their lives. The LORD is king and this kingdom will have no end. My interpretation takes believing exactly what is written to happen exactly as it says. I do not need to attack or defend the rapture for this futurist view to hold heavy weight.
            Teh futurist view requires Israel to be back in the land and the center of geo political turmoil and the return of the sacrifice is necessary for the 7 year tribulation to come about. The temple institute has replicated everything necessary to resume the sacrifices not done since 70AD. An obscure prophecy in Hosea links the return of the sacrifice to the latter days and the settting up of the kingdom on earth. 4 For the children of Israel shall abide many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar, without ephod or teraphim. 5 Afterward the children of Israel shall return and seek the LORD their God and David their king. They shall fear the LORD and His goodness in the latter days.

            This is a long answer and I have just really barely touched the surface of all the verses that work in harmony to support this view. In Noah’s day a giant ark was growing on dry land and people ignored the sign. Today the nation of Israel is like that ark and the preparation for the sacrifice already being accomplished is strong evidence that the futurist view is correct. Either way you believe share the love of God with all today.

          • You don’t understand it either I see.

            You Christian Zionists are sad useful idiots. *smh*

  6. Popey: STICK your NWO up your satanic a**. You’ll burn in HELL for this deception….GOOD LUC w that!

    • the daily lama is from the devil.. hes another part of the distraction to keep people away from Jesus.. and the lama goes baa baa bleet bleet baa.. hahahaha.. hes a little boy fukker too… heaps of the young monks in Thailand are fuked by the older buddist bleeters..its a daily occurance..it is accepted..and not spoken of they sneak into the young monks little stable rooms in the late night… and pop their bums… ewww yukkk

    • Pagan so he cannot have much discernment regarding this. Being good has nothing to do with anything. Only Jesus can save anyone from the death of sin by giving a new birth.

  7. Who the fuck does this idiot think he is.. flapping his gums in the breeze…blablafukenbla……. dickhead

  8. Hmm hmm. Cooking with fire. Vegetables? I was talking about this world wide taxation system, as people have been talking about it many many years earlier too. So do we have the right working groups for things to be planned and calculated and somehow done? And the workers in them?

  9. The fact Pope Francis named himself after Saint Francis who made a prophecy about the last finale Pope who would be a great deceiver truly is remarkable.

    Pope Francis is well aware of the “The Prophecy of the Popes” who then names himself after a Saint who on record told of his foreseeing the last pope in the “Prophecy of the Final Pope” is something to ponder upon indeed for inasmuch is a great mystery indeed.


    • you are pharmacies. That what Judas said to Jesus when st Magdalena pour expansive oil on His head. Judas said also : we have so many poor , will be better to sell the oil and give to the poor.. You think people of this world will live in mansions and Church when people worship God will be dirty and poor? When you go to church you should be worn your best cloth you have like going to wedding. But you do not know that also.
      There is many fake news and people like you feeding on it. Shame on you! That is opposite of Christ teaching.

  10. There are some simple, straight forward steps that can be taken to vastly improve life for all. End the tyranny of companies like Monsanto with their tons of chemical herbicides and genetically dangerous crops. Promote organic farming. Close down nuclear reactors. How are they going to fix Fukushima? Stop the atmospheric aerosol spraying. Promote holistic, herbal medicine. A world government is not needed for any of this. How about stopping the war mongering and spend those trillions for the betterment of people instead of mass death? Alas, I suspect the real interest is not to help the environment or humanity at all.

  11. This Pope needs to go to the book of revelation and see what is going to bring this world to its knees. Pope Francis made a startling admission on Saturday in Rome, admitting that not only is the Vatican system a “woman”, but that it’s also a “mother”. That is exactly what the bible calls her in the book of Revelation, see for yourself:

    “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Revelation 17

    • Pope Francis is the False Teacher that we were warned about
      Matthew 7:15
      “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves”
      Matthew 24:4, 24:5
      “See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in my name saying, I am the Christ and will mislead many”

      Last year the Pope stated and the Vatican issued a statement after that at the time of Judgement, Jews who don’t believe in Christ can automatically go to heaven.
      John 14:6
      Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”

    • Every confession of the protestant Reformation knew that the succession of popes, the papacy, was the Anti-Christ. This has been hidden and shielded since the 1800’s while a new interpretation of prophecy, manufactured by the Jesuits, was adopted by all the Christian Churches.Futurism is a jesuit lie, manufactured to destroy the Christian faith…..Francisco Ribera and Emanuel Lacunza and Cardinal Bellermine authored this lie. You can look all this up with many good teachings on you tube. They based it on a perversion of Daniel 9:24-27. They also authored preterism as another heresy to draw people from the truth.

  12. You have to give the man his credits!

    He has a ‘soul full of hope’ and many ‘pushing young men behind him’…

  13. The only “one world government” that will come into existence will be an Islamic one. Islam cannot tolerate any other political or religious alternative.

    Secondly, there IS NO GLOBAL WARMING! The Earth itself has not changed one-tenth of a degree overall in a couple of hundreds of years.

    I wonder if Soros and his demons have bought the Papacy.

    • The papacy probably owns Soros, not the other way around. The Vatican, jesuits rule, not anyone else. THEY STARTED ALL SECRET SOCIETIES, communism, Marxism, Liberation Theology, Masons, etc., etc. Illuninati…….plenty of books and history reveal the truth.

      • The Jesuits created all Abrahmic religions to fool each region of the earth. Many of the secret societies, not all, are in fact started as secret to reveal the truth and show how abrahmic religions are all really one religion that originiated from RA, the first God to claim there is only one God. Why do you think the Abrahamic religions all say the secret societies are evil? because they reveal something that every man should now, Abrahamic religions are all false.

        • Whoa! Where did that info. come from? The jesuits were not in existence until 1540 so that is not a possiblity. Christianity and the Catholic Church had been in existence for centuries before the jesuits were a thought! Is this from New Age or new thought type thinking? It is not true.

          • Its from Sumerian times, Egyptian times and History. I may have
            incorrectly stated the Jesuits but should have moreso said their
            ancestors like the Catholic Church or even Christianity and even as far
            back as the Jews and even then thats not fully correct, id have to write
            an essay to explain. Evidence to support this is stories with name
            changes for example, Noahs ark and epic of Ziusudra or the epic of Gilgamesh or Enuma Elis or RA being one of the first to claim to be the one and only God and how the symbolism from that era is still used throughout many religions and other places to this day. RA was a sun God, the leadlights in churches with the “halo” around their heads are not halos but them standing in front of the Sun. Just about everything within todays abrahamic religions has been plagerised from older times created by those who today name themselves the Society of Jesus. Funny how the church made the name lucifer associate with the devil when before they existed this was not the case, wonder why?

  14. The popes have always believed that the temporal powers should be subject to them. That would, in effect, make him ruler of the world in his mind. His hope is in man, not in God. One world government and one world religion is the satanic counterfeit of the kingdom of God.

  15. He is the false Pope a traitor and hides among the sheep in wolf clothing as stated in the bible prophecy he is antichrist works for the devil like all the elites!!!

    • Christianity is a lie and is a false interpretation of the true God/s. One example is Noahs ark which is a plagerised version of older stories, many of the Biblical stories are copies of old texts with names changed, following ancient history shows this. Jesus was not who Christianity makes out and all Abrahamic religions are wolves in sheeps clothing for their leaders to make profits.

  16. I think they probably slipped the Dalai Lama something in his green tea after he said the EU should defend it’s borders from immigrants, much more docile now…

  17. This Pope is not a prudent representation of the Catholic Church period! His spoken words are opposite of the teachings actually! Also I would have to add it’s rather obvious NWO Globalist Elites religion of choice is Islam therefore it’s global migration happening as we speak!!

    • Not quite! Papacy is the head of the snake and uses islam as a tool of terror and then all will come to One world rule and religion. Papacy tries to control the world, always has.

  18. i do not understand this current Pope. govts have killed millions upon millions of people, including Jesus Christ Himself, and he wants more power to those who have done such things?

    Christians are being slaughtered in the middle east by muslims. it seems this Pope is more concerned with the faux science of anthropogenic global warming than the slaughter of human beings, christians included.

    it is likely he is a believer in ‘liberation theology’, a toxic mix of Catholicism and political activism that was popular in S. America in the latter half of the last century. put another way, it seems he is more interested in the corporal than the spiritual.

    he sounds more like a left politician than a spiritual leader of one of the largest religions on earth. as an aside, if he continues on his current path, how many souls will he drive away from the church he purportedly represents?

    • kirk thanks for the one sanguine honest probing remark. I am a Catholic and loathe the wrongs anywhere. SACRED SCRIPTURE WARNED US OF THIS TIME AND SO DO OUR LADY OF FATIMA ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO.

  19. Pope Francis grew up in socialist Argentina, an experience that left a deep impression on his thinking.

    He told the Latin American journalists Javier Camara and Sebastian Pfaffen that as a young man he “read books of the Communist Party that my boss in the laboratory gave me” and that “there was a period where I would wait anxiously for the newspaper La Vanguardia, which was not allowed to be sold with the other newspapers and was brought to us by the socialist militants.”

    Pope Francis’s Communist Mentor

  20. When will good catholic people finally leave this apostate church with its satanic leaders and pedophile priests?

    • Rev. 18:4, Catholics, come out from her so you will not partake of her sins and plagues. Papacy is truly the Anti-Christ.

  21. this,,pope,,(puke!) is nothing but one of satans sons,period! more clear than that,i dont know if i can say it…hes a blasphemy,but what else is ,,faith,,today?

  22. This is fake news. The Guardian story is two years old and “El Universo” carries no such story.

    The sentiments described might well abide in Pope Francis. But it does no good to make up stuff to prove it.

  23. If anyone can’t see that the Vatican has been infiltrated and subverted for decades you’re a brainwashed zombie. The Pope is nothing but an evil Globalist/NWO puppet and will burn in hell for heresy. Pope Francis is a Blasphemous False Prophet!
    Matthew 7:15

      • as have all abrahamic religions, lets not ignore the fact that all abrahamic relgions basically tell the same story, the story of RA but in todays world the names have changed.

    IF You don’t know that jesus is the false messiah, MEET YAHUSHA ❣️. (No, Not the same)…. THE WHOLE WORLDIS DECEIVED – INCLUDING THE VERY ELECT!!!!

    Here is the patience of the
    Remnant one’s; THAT They Keep the Commandments of YHWH/(YAHUAH), And the faith /(Testimony) of the Messiah, YAHUSHA!
    [[MARK: Symbol, SIGN, Seal, Mark – – The MARK of God is Keeping His Commands. The MARK/SIGN of the Beast would be Opposite.]]
    *Now the angel with the sickle will beging to swing it into the harvest, and death will commence upon the earth …

    And the Winepress was trodden without/(outside) the city, and blood came out of the Winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of 1,600 furlongs/(200miles).
    THE CHURCHES — I’M SORRY TO TELL YOU! The said, just as satan said to Eve in the garden, “WE DON’T NEED GOD’S LAWS!” THAT IS SATANIC!
    EVEN THE PREACHERS WERE DECEIVED! NOW, ‘PREACHERS’ are locked into STATE GOVERNMENT LAWS, NOT YHWH’S LAWS … Change or burn! The WINEPRESS is His Wrath … You don’t want to go there!

  25. there is one God and his fullness dwells in jesus bodily, and the catholics beheaded real christians , crucified them and burned them at the stake, is history, and they changed the truth into a lie,. god is not a trinitaran of three people in one god, it is one god in many roles…and all the little daughters that came out of the catholic church bought into the trinitarian god, but the old testiment says over and over, Whom shall you compare me to and make me equal? I am alone , I am He who will come and save you from your sins, …..So many will be decieved..wake up ..before it is too late.

    • Who was the first God to claim there was only one God and you will see who the false God/s are, that Gods symbolism is everywhere in todays world, the same occult symbols are used in all Abrahamic religions of today including Christianity.

  26. Could it get any more bizarre than this? How many people will be able to grasp the reality of a Satanic pope?
    He is actually promoting the satanic Rothschilds’ goal of a New World Order that includes a World Government. It begs the question, how does little Justin Trudeau feel about World Government? I urge Canadians to contact Justin and ask him.

  27. Once Satan has conquered the world he shall step out of the shadows to rule and it will be from Rome.

    I’m disgusted that this Pope making this statement of whom should know this as those walking in true faith following their born again revelation!

  28. I read the book. This will happen at some point. But fear not, we win in the end. Not evil people like this guy.

  29. He sort of sounds like Alexander Hamilton way back when the United States was forming. Hamilton called for a strong national government as opposed to the power given to the various states of the union. Hamilton eventually won!

  30. Biblically speaking this will come about! What one event that must occur? That is the rapture of the church. I’m talking about all born again believers.

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