Police Leader Warns Army May Be Brought In To Patrol British Streets

Police Leader Warns, Army May Be Brought In To Patrol British Streets

The Army may have to be deployed on the streets of Britain to carry out routine policing duties because constables are reluctant to train as firearms officers.

Chairman of the Police Federation, Steve White, said officers are not volunteering to carry guns because they fear being “hung out to dry” and treated like a suspect if they discharge their weapon.

“If you cannot get police officers carrying guns then you are going to have to have the Army on the streets” White warned.

The Telegraph reports:

It could force the Government to call in troops to carry out day-to-day guarding and patrolling duties at major transport hubs, city centres and key buildings such as the Houses of Parliament, he suggested.

Mr White, who opens the federation’s annual conference in Bournemouth, Dorset, on Monday, said a national shortage of armed police was leaving Britain vulnerable to terror attack.

“I think there is a real possibility the Army could have to be called in to conduct routine duties that are currently performed by authorised firearms officers,” said Mr White.

“If you cannot get police officers carrying guns then you are going to have to have the Army on the streets.”

Mr White’s comments come just days after the threat from Northern Ireland-related terrorism in Britain was raised from moderate to substantial.

The Government has announced plans to recruit 1,500 extra firearms officers in the wake of the Paris and Brussels terror attacks.

But there are already at least 300 vacancies across England and Wales as numbers of authorised officers have fallen to the lowest level for seven years.

Mr White said: “Before we even start talking about recruiting the extra 1,500, we are struggling to fill the vacancies we have currently got because of the lack of understanding and protection that officers would have if they have to discharge their firearm.

“That’s what this survey says – we do fear violence, but officers don’t want to carry firearms because they are concerned that if they discharge it, they are going to get arrested for murder.”

  • Mira

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  • Nancy Clark

    Then the police are really only Boy Scouts. Change the law to protect the police firing a weapon. After all with your insane ideas of liberalism and mass flooding of garbage just what did you expect. But of course logic was never considered.

  • Donald Bezzina

    The Police are finally realizing that they are just expendable pawns in this wider scheme of treason against the nation- unless the law is changed they will have to look over their shoulders or get booked for murder if they do their duty. What a sorry state the UK has fallen in! Humbug!

  • John Rizk

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    Britain and all of Europe must start sending Muslim barbarians home.

  • John Rizk

    Every great European city has evil jihadist Muslims rioting in their streets.
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